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Now that the XPOMET convention has come to an end, we’d like to take a look back and share our impressions.

The idea behind XPOMET was to introduce us to a new kind of format, something different and fresh that would encompass all of the hottest trends of the current eHealth era. Under the motto "Innovation and High-Tech in Medicine," the event addressed a wide audience of doctors, health insurance representatives, and providers of e-health solutions as well as participants from R&D.

The three-day convention, which included various exhibitions, partnering events, think tanks, start-up sections and even a festival of medicine, took place in the congress center near the Leipzig Zoo. The convention hosted as many as 50 exhibitors from all over Europe, had around 80 international speakers including Paul Sonnier, Bart de Witte, Eugene Borukhovich and our very own Denis Baranov, the principal consultant and Blockchain expert at DataArt - whose talks we were particularly happy to attend - and welcomed up to a thousand visitors.

In our opinion, the very best thing about the convention was the scope of the topics chosen this year. While it can often be a challenge to choose a specific topic at a big healthcare convention, XPOMET offered an accessible overview of the most interesting themes and painted an inspiring picture of many innovations and developments underway in the ‘digital health world’ of today. Be it Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, AR/VR, or Big Data – not to mention Max, a mini-robot, - XPOMET covered everything in an accessible manner. This, in its turn, made networking easier and more enjoyable – in general, there was a very “open” vibe, and we felt free to approach any of the exhibitors and speakers, and engaged in many exciting conversations.

Overall XPOMET made a good first contribution to demonstrating the need for innovative health solutions for all the parties involved. From our side, it was great to be a part of it, as it is always a great pleasure to connect with the driven people who do their best to develop their ideas, fuel technological advancement and contribute to progress in medicine.

Upwards & Onwards, XPOMET – see you in 2019!

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