Will AI Take Over Musicians Jobs?

13 March 2017
By Sergey Bludov, SVP Media & Entertainment

Is the future destined to be a vast wasteland of musicians cast aside with artificial intelligence (AI) and bots taking over control of the artistry of composing music?

It’s clear that over the next few decades there are going to be big leaps in AI and robots, and these will have major repercussions on our society. Currently there are AI bots scanning social media pages checking for the publics musical taste from a generic perspective. They will leverage this information to drive down deeper to see what is being downloaded the most and by whom. Finally, they will relay this data to other bots to begin composing music based upon these public and individual preferences.

We all curate our own music into specific categories. The songs that lift us up and those that make us a little more contemplative. We group by genre, artist, year, etc. and the bots can access this information without much effort. AI can analyze the data collected and begin weaving its magic. By correlating this data, AI can compose original music and even include vocal tracks that sound extremely close to an authentic human voice. Most music companies have already identified progressions, octaves, beats, chords, and speeds that consumers like, and push artists to utilize those patterns to sell more.

So what are the benefits of this to us, the consumer and to the companies that hyper-develop this technology?

Just because algorithms can scout the web for information, compile it, and produce a music or art, doesn’t mean talent, personal experience, creativity and other components of humanity will lose their value. The basic idea behind AI technology is benefiting both music enthusiasts and music companies by examining past and current behavior, to then predict the future trends and ultimate desires of consumers. On the listener side of the equation, fans will still be able to stream, download and listen to their favorite artists — and from time to time they will be introduced to innovative tunes that cater to their preferences and may engage interest in this new form of AI developed songs. The most significant impact will be for the IT visionaries and companies that can deliver this technology to labels and music streaming services. Hit music derived from bots and then developed using AI can decrease the royalty costs to the distributors. IT companies on the forefront of this tech will be able to drive their revenues while distributors will be able to decrease their costs. Win/Win.

We have added a few links below for your interest. The introduction of bots and AI into the music industry will indeed be a disruptive force.

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