What is Whole Study Engagement?


Patient retention and protocol adherence are critical KPIs when it comes to ensuring the success of clinical trials. Losing even one patient from a trial is very costly, and a high dropout rate can put the entire trial at risk. This is why patient engagement is such a hot topic in clinical trials today. There are a number of clinical trial software applications that are being used to improve patient engagement. While it is possible to build engaging technology, the real engagement for the patient comes from the staff at the investigator’s site.

What happens when instead of just equipping the patient with a mobile app, we focus on whole study engagement? How can we increase the patient engagement with the protocol and the site, while also making the site, more engaged with the sponsor and the study in general? The best way to ensure high patient engagement and retention is to ensure the highest level of performance from investigator sites and to give sponsors real time visibility.

By giving the investigator site powerful tools for insight, you can instill a higher level of motivation and efficacy. A Study Site Engagement platform that showed site staff important information such as which patients are at high risk of dropping out based on patient behavior patterns could be used to eliminate preventable patient drop-outs. By providing clear KPIs for each site and demonstrating how they compare to performance by other sites within the study you can create strong psychological motivation for site staff.

Beyond predictive risk assessments and measuring study performance through KPIs what else can be done to engage investigator sites? Investigators often like to be at the forefront of their therapeutic discipline; by creating a leader board for the best-performing sites you can create a sense of community where leading investigators can chat with other investigators, and share their thoughts with sponsor. Other features can be made available to lead Investigators like the ability to make the sponsor aware of investigator initiated clinical trial ideas, abstracts to write about, offers to speak at investigator meetings, outcomes of past trials, info about upcoming trials, and of course the ability to requests grants.

This is how DataArt envisions whole study engagement. If you would like to know more about the project, please read the article here or watch the video:

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