Under the hood: Harvey’s Army app development

02 September 2015

DataArt recently announced that it would develop an application for Harvey’s Army – the UK charity that focuses on reuniting owners with lost pets. The prototype of the app was demoed on the “Surprise Surprise” show, and since then the DataArt team has been working closely with the charity clarifying the workflow, honing the design, and much more.

Let’s take a bit of a deeper look under the hood and see what is going on with the app now.

So what makes it big for Harvey’s Army? The app will allow connecting all communication threads into one convenient tool for volunteers, organizers and UK citizens enabling them to be well-informed at each stage and find missing animals faster, easier, and most efficiently.

The main goal for this application is to speed up the search by volunteers for lost pets across the UK. Given that, DataArt’s team had been listening to volunteers chat on Facebook in stealth mode for a couple of weeks gathering information about the difficulties and peculiarities of their work. Along with this, the team met with a Harvey’s Army co-founder, Nina Blackburn, and discussed the functional requirements for the future app.

To keep up with the latest iOS development trends and guidelines in order to deliver better usability the team has adjusted the initial application layout that was first shown on “Surprise Surprise”.

Now, the whole list of animals is divided into Lost and Found categories that makes it more transparent, convenient to use, and reduces confusion. The new UI allows a person to report a lost or found pet in only a few seconds, users can search faster by applying filter tags, as well as allowing volunteers to see each other on the map.

Nina Blackburn posted a rapturous comment on Facebook sharing her admiration with the team of volunteers.

Thank you for that, Nina. We are also very excited about the app and eager to see it going live!

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  • Nichola Power

    03 September, 2015 03:19 pm
    Can Not WAIT for this app to be available it will make our live (the volunteers) Much easier by the sounds of it :-)