Timeline – the DataArt History Visualization

09 July 2013
By Vladimir Timashov, Project Manager

As an IT company with 16-years’ experience, thousands of completed projects, and hundreds of clients all over the world, DataArt has a vivid professional and corporate history. Data Visualization competence center developed a visual timeline for the corporate website with key events from the company’s evolution highlighted.

DataArt made huge progress over these 16 years – from a small IT-firm of 7 enthusiastic developers that established offices in New York and Saint-Petersburg, to a custom software development company with a personnel count of about 1,000. The rewards and leading places at professional charts, the opening of ten offices around the world, the acquisition of big clients from Standard & Poor’s and Panasonic to Ogilvy and Harmonic Fund Services, and professional conferences and round tables, we have had an eventful history that can be represented on the visualization.

On the eve of DataArt’s 16th Birthday, traditionally celebrated on July, 4th, we prepared a kind of present – the total timeline visualization. All of the significant events – external and local – are available on the interactive infographics – from 1997 up to the current date.

To display the events over time we used the TimeLine.JS library. This open-source library allows the development of a complete deep visualization pulling data and media files from storages like Google Docs, Maps, Flickr, and others.

DataArt continues reaching new professional heights and gaining global recognition. However, we’re not going to rest on our laurels, and keep writing new pages in the company’s history every day.

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