The Smart Technology Transformation of Gaming and Gambling – Part 1

The gaming and gambling markets are gaining momentum in recent times. In this article, Suren Azatyan illustrates the most valuable and innovative practical use cases for implementing the leading tech trends, such as AI, ML, and VR, in the gaming and gambling industries, starting with smart assistants.
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By Suren Azatyan
VP of Sales, Media & Entertainment
The Smart Technology Transformation of Gaming and Gambling – Part 1

Technological advancements have transformed our lives dramatically over the past decade. Virtually every industry has been radically altered by tech-driven innovations and the massive changes in consumer behavior resulting from the operational and marketing applications of these new technologies. The online world is now practically as commonplace as our non-tech existences, bringing about a multitude of shifts that are certain to continue evolving in the coming period.

The gaming and gambling markets have exploded in recent times, creating a modern-day gold rush for technology developers and innovative thinkers. A mindboggling number of online betting platforms are available these days, offering consumers a massive range of gambling options to suit every taste. From online video slots and live dealer casinos to sports betting, lotteries, and more, we’ve definitely entered a flourishing era for the gaming and gambling industries.

As the world faces the extraordinary challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, the resulting lockdowns and social distancing measures are increasing the importance of online platforms exponentially. Although the COVID-19 crisis continues, technology development hasn’t stopped. Conversely, I want to believe that gaming and gambling operators are using the global business slowdown time to invest a greater amount of resources toward innovative developments to gain a competitive advantage over rivals once the pandemic is over.

Leading Tech Trends

Over the next few years, the leading technological trends will primarily be driven by:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
  • Virtual Reality

Comprehensive transition to mobile (has already started and growing rapidly)

The overall changes that have already occurred based on the application of these technologies are staggering. And the current state of the world is guaranteed to significantly accelerate the already rapid speed of technological growth. Social distancing efforts are resulting in immediate shifts for a wide range of sectors, many of which are likely to adopt these new operational methods permanently, as opposed to going back to pre-pandemic processes once the crisis ends.

Smart Assistants

In this series of articles, I’m going to focus on illustrating the most valuable and innovative practical use cases for implementing the leading tech trends in the gaming and gambling industries, starting with smart assistants.

Data is king in the digital world. By collecting and analyzing the wealth of available information, companies are capable of learning a remarkable quantity of details about the behavior and preferences of consumers. At the same time, the volume of data has grown to be far too large for humans to manage on their own. After devoting the time necessary for people to analyze the information collected, that same information has likely already changed.

While this may sound like an impossible situation to rectify, there is a solution to be found in the application of the technological tools derived from advancements in AI and ML.

Smart assistants rely on AI and ML to be effective and to advance. Although implementing smart assistants well is an ambitious undertaking, the potential value is extraordinary. By placing these tools in the hands of consumers involved in online gambling and gaming, players are given the opportunity to enjoy a highly advanced level of personalization and many other wonderful capabilities that dramatically enhance the user experience.

From Theory to Practice

Many innovators have already started finding ways to integrate betting into smart assistant usage. While this integration is certain to expand massively in the near future, there are already several instances of applying this concept in a practical manner.

One example comes from Amazon Echo and the Alexa smart assistant. Amazon Echo devices are capable of providing basic tips and information about sports gambling, provided that the user is located in a state where this pastime is legal. Taking this idea to the next level, the Alexa smart assistant can communicate with sports gambling platforms, such as FanDuel and others, to place bets on behalf of users.

Another noteworthy example comes from gaming solutions supplier BetConstruct with its release of an AI-driven voice assistant called Hoory. The company’s goal is to revolutionize the online betting experience through the application of voice recognition and associated technologies. Hoory provides users with a hands-free method for browsing sportsbooks and placing bets on operator platforms at a rapid pace, while additionally fostering a sociable and enjoyable experience for players.

The potential applications of artificial intelligence in gaming are virtually limitless. Innovative gaming companies are deeply invested in developing non-player characters (NPCs) to present remarkably human-like intelligence and other characteristics that take user engagement to the next level. Through the use of AI, developers gain access to the technology’s ability to analyze massive quantities of footage to better understand the way gamers interact and move. The staggering amount of data that must be scanned in order to do this effectively is far more than can be reasonably accomplished by humans alone. By using AI, developers can map the plethora of information derived from data analysis onto game characters to create an extraordinarily realistic experience for players.

We’ve only witnessed the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the expansive potential for AI, ML, and other technologies to transform the gaming and gambling industries. Stay tuned for part 2 of this article series, where I’ll dive into more exciting and innovative tech solutions for the thriving world of gaming and gambling.

DataArt has a vast expertise in AI and ML, along with other technologies. Contact the author of the article to discuss how we can help you incorporate these in your gaming application.

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