The Science of Data Visualization

03 December 2012
By Vladimir Timashov, Project Manager

All its history, mankind has been working with the data. And (as British scientists learned) since 70% of human brain is oriented for perception of visual information, the most complex and challenging task was visualization of this data. For centuries, scientists worked hard to create graphics of mathematical functions, charts to display trends and tendencies, maps of the continents and territories. Originally all those visualizations were created by hand on scraps of paper. Nowadays, when we have computers, more and more visualizations are created using information technologies. Visualizations become more complex displaying large amounts of data, being interactive and helping people to “talk” to this data.

The science of Data Visualization tells us how to visualize the data in an effective and spectacular way. Visualizations are created in HealthCare, Finances, Social, and frankly speaking any industry may have the need of visual data analysis.

We are glad to inform that DataArt has started a new Data Visualization competence. We are going to work on infographics and interactive visualizations. We will create charts, time series, maps, flows, matrix, networks, trees, and may other. We’ve already started work on few exciting visualization projects and will show the results soon.

Follow the latest news on the blog to watch our visualizations, overviews and articles on this topic.


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