The Interview: Yvette Pasqua about the Ways of Pushing Athletic Performance to New Levels through Technology

Yvette Pasqua, a chief technology officer at Exos talks to DataArt about the ways of keeping athletes motivated through technology and the future of sports apps.
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The Interview: Yvette Pasqua about the Ways of Pushing Athletic Performance to New Levels through Technology

Exos started about 20 years ago training mostly Olympic athletes and professional or semi-professional athletes. Exos visions to provide everyone with access to the world's most intelligent coaching services and coaching insights really with a goal to enable us all as humans to achieve our full performance and fitness potential through software products that folks can access anywhere, they are. 

I learned that for the past 20 years professional and Olympic elite athletes have been really upgrading their performance and seeing fantastic fitness results.

How does Exos help professional athletes increase their performance levels?

The core of Exos is our performance coaches. That's how we started 20 years ago with the most well-regarded performance coaches in the elite training world. Achieving the highest performance that they can putting those four things together: mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery. So, if they want to get faster, if they want to improve their endurance, if they want to get stronger – it's really about what their goals are. Every unique individual has a different set of goals, and our programs are personalized with different features depending on their goals, who they are, and what they're trying to do.

What defines success in software and technology development?

What defines success is delivering customer value. We can do all the business strategy and research all we want, but until our customers tell us that we're delivering value, I’m not satisfied. What parts of the product are your customers finding the most valuable, how are we keeping them motivated and active using the software, what points are they falling off and are they having trouble getting motivated and staying active? So really a combination of using data and using speaking with those customers to really determine are we delivering high value to them and they keep paying for a high-quality product.

What is your role as a female leader in technology?

As a gay woman in technology, I focused on that a good amount and really focused on how can I be a sponsor and mentor to other women, other gay folks? Trying to better understand people with less privilege than me, those are people of color, those are people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, those are people who didn't have the privilege of going to a private college or university. They’re the real people who need the sponsoring, and mentoring, and support in technology. I think it's an important work. It's a lot of hours spent meeting and talking with people and understanding them better and hearing what they have to say. I do free coffees and coaching from anyone from an underrepresented group, who wants career advice, who wants to figure out how to negotiate asking for a raise better. I have an open coffee policy - if anyone reaches out to me over email and they're from an underrepresented group I say yes to 100% of them to better understand people outside of it.

What excites you the most about the future of technology and software?

So, the thing that excites me the most about the future of tech and software development is how quickly and how in a high-quality way companies are building software that anyone can use. We're just started building a direct-to-consumer product at Exos, but it's a big endeavor. We're building a virtual coaching training product, where we need to integrate things like real-time video and real – time chat with coaches. They're just so many things that are involved in building a product like that, 10 years ago I would have had to work with my team on figuring out how can we build most of these ourselves in a high-quality way quickly enough for us to get a product out to market to test. But what I’m just so excited about is being able to deliver value to customers faster, because we can spend so much more time building out what's special about our software product and not worry about the things that almost every product has and are many commodities at this point. So many more great products coming out especially from the big cloud providers but from other small companies every day. And I just get excited about how that proliferation of hosted cloud products empowers everyone to just deliver high value new products to customers like we've never been able to before.

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