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By Andrey Dereza
Head, DataArt Dnipro (Ukraine)
Smart TV from DataArt

As a custom software development company that builds advanced solutions for the media industry, DataArt has many opportunities to accumulate and develop its own expertise with relevant technologies.

This time, the DataArt team has developed an on-demand streaming media system. It selectively broadcasts marketing and educational materials and targeted advertisements from distributed data storages to a wide range of clients that support the Smart TV technology. It provides the opportunity to create a simple and scalable mechanism of user-generated content broadcasting.

Simply speaking, this is an easy way to transfer large amounts of information within the company, e.g. training courses or multimedia materials form HR/PR departments.
Smart TV technology opens up a wide range of network integration possibilities for television sets and set-top boxes. It can provide a focus for online interaction, on-demand content delivery, social networking and addressable advertising while broadcasting.

All broadcasting processes are controlled from a central point. The system provides features for the management of material libraries and advertising playlists for different targeted devices and locations. It integrates with popular online services, YouTube and Flicker as well as the company’s internal Active Directory.

All of these provide the possibility to minimize the operational cost of system maintenance and to be able to use existing equipment (TVs).

As was mentioned before, implementation of the media streaming server is based on the HLS protocol (Apple HTTP Live Streaming) that is one of the most popular MPEG-DASH standards. Together with portable client-side Html5/CSS/JavaScript code it provides support of devices based on the popular Samsung Smart TV and Google TV platforms.

To sum up, the client received a powerful and comprehensive tool to easily transmit the necessary PR, marketing and educational information to their employees.

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