Sabre Scribe – Revolution to Evolution

When Sabre introduced its Scribe travel agency automation tool over 25 years ago, it empowered agencies to automate their own front office agent workflows, mid-office QA and ticketing processes. Travel agents with no technical training could easily learn to develop their own scripts for workflow automation, or building complex mid office self-running tools.
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By Mike King
Director, Strategic Relationships, DataArt
Sabre Scribe – Revolution to Evolution

Sabre Scribe enabled huge productivity gains where small or mid-size agencies could grow into large travel management companies, handling the needs of multiple complex business clients. The use of custom Sabre Scribe scripts has continued to expand over time, along with the teams for writing and maintaining them.

Unfortunately, as technology evolved and GDS began to open up their systems and develop APIs to leverage new, more complex capabilities, the Sabre Scribe applications could no longer keep up. New APIs are not compatible with Sabre Scribe. For example, some applications that previously depended on screen scraping cannot capture data from the APIs. Many agencies that tried to migrate to the new Content Services for Lodging (CSL) APIs saw their hotel segment scripts failing and were not able to identify work-around solutions. 

This issue will be exacerbated as GDS introduce new API-based functionality over the next decade.

Some TMC’s and agencies have started the process to migrate off Sabre Scribe to new technology tools that are compatible with today’s APIs. To enable these migrations, agencies must select new technology solutions and ensure they have the right IT resources to develop and maintain these solutions. They also need to develop a migration plan and staff a project team for the migration.

As a Sabre Authorized Developer, DataArt became aware of this upcoming issue when we started working on a solution to help Sabre’s customers migrate to the new CSL API in 2019. We researched potential technology solutions and challenges for the migration process. We developed the following migration tools and technology solutions and have employed them to help several agencies with their migrations:

  • Proprietary tools that allow us to scope and plan the migration
  • A suite of tools that make us incredibly effective in testing implementation of migration.
    • Postman collection for PNR creation
    • Profile ETL tool
  • Blueprints for specific use cases of scribe migration: passive segments and remarks, and authorization policy.
Sabre Scribe

Our experience and tool set make DataArt effective in helping agencies move away from scribe, whether it is a full library of Sabre Scribe or just select scripts to enable launching CSL.

Please contact DataArt if you want to discuss how we can help with your Sabre Scribe migration or CSL API implementation.

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