Reflections of the Munich Appathon 2015


On 6th of November, 2015, DataArt partnered with HypoVereinsbank for the UniCredit’s international 24-hour hackathon, which was held at HVB Forum in Munich, Germany. The challenge of the event was to develop apps and solutions that make up the banking of the future.

UniCredit Group has been focused on innovation as the top leadership priority, encouraging experimentation throughout all levels of the group, opening a large innovation center in Milan and planning to invest a further 1.2 billion euros on innovations before 2018.


With years of success in getting digital products to enterprises, DataArt supports and promotes open innovation that brings banking closer to people's lives. 5 mentors from our team, including a designer, a UI/UX expert, a mobile developer, a wearables expert and a server support specialist shared their experience and provided technical expertise and support at the event. This year’s Appathon marked the first time that UniCredit opened up its API, enabling the participants to access all the areas of the bank system, connect to the bank’s platform and build their applications upon it. The smooth functioning of API’s was also ensured by DataArt.

Our team’s awards at previous hackathons forits 'Doo'nation' and Puls'ation apps inspired us to share our experience with the new teams. We decided to create a prototype to show participants an example of how to work with an idea at the Hackathon. We built on our Puls’ation app by creating a health savings account, whereby users can transfer a variable amount of funds to a special account with an attractive return, based on the fulfillment of their health objectives (i.e. number of calories burned).


This year’s Appathon had 80 participants, 17 teams and three winners. First ranked was the UniConcierge, a wealth management app that provides an overview of all the user’s assets (liquidity, investments, property, holdings etc), while giving similar access to the private banker and enables a client-banker chat/video chat. Second ranked was the TeenWallet app, which helps teenagers manage their spending and allows parents to be involved in their child’s consumer behavior, to advice children on spending, to reward targets achieved by a child or reimburse children for education related purchases. Third Ranked was the CouchBanking app, the world’s first AppleTV app that brings banking into your living room.

Having helped over 100 financial services and capital market clients to create and support strong digital strategies DataArt is familiar with the increased regulatory scrutiny, transparence, reporting and risk management standards as well as the banks’ infrastructure, historical heritage and existing enterprise solutions. So our team decided to share this insight and to award our own Enter-Prize to the app of our choice –a comprehensive evaluation and a technical business plan, indicating the investment needed to get the team’s prototype to market or enterprise, taking into account structural and business factors that come into play when turning an innovation into a working product. Our Enter-Prize went to the TeenCash team with their TeenWallet app.

More photos here.

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