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Currently, a lot of new social networks are being created in addition to those that already exist. Yet, only a few of them manage to achieve popularity and customer loyalty. Today, we’ll have a look at one of them.

What is Pinterest? How did it manage to attract more than 70 million people? Why should we take a closer look at it? We will try and give answers to these and other questions in this article.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a relatively new social internet service (the year of the official launch is 2010, but only in August 2012 the service was opened for registration without invites), which allows users to add images and place them in thematic collections and share content with other users. The images uploaded to the service are called "pins”, and the collections of those images are called “boards”. "Boards", in fact, are the thematic sections of the overall collection of the user.

Roughly speaking, this is a service of "visual bookmarks" - adding an image from any website to your board you can always go back to the original source. But the mechanism of action is very different from "backfill" sites like Everything is very easy and nothing is taken to excess, but there is a standard set of social network components - friends, tags, likes, reposts.

[caption id="attachment_3665" align="alignnone" width="620"]Pinterest interface Pinterest interface[/caption]

Trend and popularity

Apparently its simplicity is one of the main reasons Pinterest attracts more and more users – by now, their official number exceeded 70 million users (according to, and apparently it will continue growing. What is the secret?

A bit of history. It is known that at the very beginning it was young women sitting at home creating hand-made items who brought Pinterest its first popularity. For them, it was an ideal place for promoting their products - easy to focus on the visual + content + social functions. People are increasingly looking for comfortable, simple services, so more and more people register accounts on Pinterest, and it is no longer a "social network for housewives".

The fact is that the virtual world is captured and ruled not by the “all in one” principal, but the integration of various services with each other. It follows that the simpler the service and the easier it is to integrate it with the others, the greater the number of people will join it. This fact was proven not only by the popularity of Pinterest, but also Twitter, Instagram and other "single-function" social networks. Currently Pinterest supports integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Gmail and Yahoo.

The benefits for business

There are a lot of users on Pinterest, this is a fact, and a lot of people mean a lot of customers. In this connection, Pinterest already have their special offers for business, which can be found here:

Pinterest Graphics

So, briefly, what does Pinterest offers for businesses? By and large, it's just two distinctive features.

  1. "Verified" account.
  2. Analysis tools.

And if the first is a fairly common practice in many social networks, the second is something we’d rather have a closer look at. Functional statistics from Pinterest:

  • Statistics on the number of people and "pins" from these people over any period of time
  • Graphics on "pins", "repins", hits and clicks
  • Popular reposts and referrals
  • Overview the latest "pins" from your website in real-time
  • For popular pins you can see which images users also added to their boards. A very useful feature available for "free" account as well.
  • Export statistics in CSV

In general, the list of tools is not so rich. But, again, the whole idea of Pinterest is based on simplicity. For those who doubt, there is a special section with Success Strories, about how service has increased the popularity of other businesses. Among those present there are large firms, such as the Elle magazine, “AllRecipes” recipes site and the simple and brilliant WikiHow.

[caption id="attachment_3669" align="alignnone" width="620"]Success story from WikiHow Success story from WikiHow[/caption]

In the second part of this article we will tell you more about Pinterest features for developers. There are plenty of ways to use this site and get great benefit out of it, and at the same time it is also very simple to implement.

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