• Once again, opening my peers’ code I’ve terrified and decided to write this article. I hope for someone that would be useful at the same time and I find it easier to explain to newcomers that they have in the code is not just throwing a link to this article.

    Of course the number of these things are very, very large, so the article is limited to a few.


    This problem concerns no only javascript but programming in general. Let’s consider an example:

    $elem.on('keydown', function(e) {
        if (e.keyCode == 27) {

    What is the magic number 27? People who are often faced with the codes immediately say – this is the key ESC. But most developers, especially beginners, do not remember the codes, and faced with the codes have to once again get into the search engine and wasting time.

    You can of course add a comment in the code that is handling pressing ESC, but much more effective it would be to introduce a constant, for example, KEY_ESC = 27.


  • 10 Myths of Outsourcing

    21 November 2012
    By Dmitry Bagrov, Senior Vice President of European Business, Head of London Office

    Outsourcing in general, and software outsourcing in particular, has accumulated so many myths and legends in such a small time that I can only compare it with stories about UFO’s. Those myths mutate, and change colour, and sometimes even pass as best practices.

    I am not pretending to know all of them, however after working in the industry for many years I have come across dozens of them and even (and I’m not proud of this one) most likely did participate in creation of at least a couple.

    Here is a small and humble attempt at redemption; I hope you will read this with your sense of humour switched on.

    Myth 1. Offshore costs are so low you save 80%.

    If you look at pure cost per hour, then this is probably the number you will see on your calculator. However, you should be prepared to find out that when you add the cost of management, your time to monitor the process, and the fact that cheapest developers rarely are the best ones, you will save 25-45%. This is still a very good number, mind you.