• Digital Transformation Conference, London: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    04 December 2018
    By Dmitry Bagrov, Senior Vice President of European Business, Head of London Office


    Throughout the year, the DataArt team participates in various tech industry events. Frequently, we are asked to speak at them, sharing our 21-years of experience in digital transformation programs for clients from finance, retail, healthcare, travel and logistics and beyond.


  • Cloud Migration: FAQ

    01 October 2018
    By Yuri Gubin, Solutions consultant, cloud expert


    The issue of cloud migration and cloud operations is tricky. There are numerous questions that arise from the idea of moving to the cloud. We have addressed some of these questions here and hope that this paper will help you better understand the issues surrounding cloud computing.


  • Will The Music Industry Embrace Voice-Controlled Technology?

    24 May 2017
    By Sergey Bludov, SVP Media & Entertainment

    For those of you following technology industry trends, it would not be surprising that many experts have been calling 2017 the “Year of Voice”. Along with VR and AI, voice recognition has the potential for highly meaningful long-term development. Instead of controlling everything via apps, we can now talk to virtual assistants to control everything from our computers to our cars, to our home.


  • RPi3 vs DragonBoard from the Python perspective

    17 May 2017
    By Nikolay Khabarov, Senior Developer


    Python is a perfect language for creating simple PoC projects. We will not talk about the full list of Python’s advantages, but the most amazing one is that Python is cross platform. This feature is quite useful for building embedded system applications. No need to wait until a compiler builds binaries, no need to deploy applications to the board. And the same code runs on a PC desktop as well as on Linux-based boards like Raspberry Pi.


  • DataArt at ePharma Summit

    05 February 2015
    By Valentina Lakhina, Business Development, Healthcare & Life Sciences

    ePharma Summit 2015 is just around the corner and DataArt is here to help you enhance sales and marketing in life science industry.

    What if there was a solution that saved the doctor time when he or she prescribed your products? One of sales reps biggest problems is the limited amount of time doctors have to spend with them. Stop by the DataArt book at ePharma and learn new ways to leverage mobile technology to fuel sales and marketing.

  • Fruit Recognition – Continuing Research

    27 May 2014
    By Natalia Krysenko, .Net Developer

    DataArt Research Lab continues to publish the results of fruit recognition using the Color Distance method.

    The Color Distance method showed good result as an engine for fruit recognition. Just for testing purposes, we took 15 classes of fruits (10 ‘ideal’ samples for each class) and a simple classifier of Euclidian distance.


  • DataArt starts DeviceHive educational program

    04 April 2014
    By Oleg Kruk, Embedded Research Lab Leader

    DataArt has opened a unique DeviceHive laboratory in the Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics. DataArt is considering opening similar laboratories in other high schools located in Kharkiv.


  • DeviceHive Hardware Discovery Platforms

    02 April 2014
    By Oleg Kruk, Embedded Research Lab Leader

    In response to the technological trends, in fall of 2012, DataArt launched the DeviceHive project – an open source platform using networking and cloud technologies to implement solutions for M2M data exchange. Using a cloud API, an administrative portal and a number of components and descriptions, including open descriptions of exchange protocols and their implementations, a user can easily create and configure their own M2M network with nearly any topology.

    DeviceHive is a flexible, scalable and easy to use platform. Using it to develop private M2M systems can save large amounts of time and allows developers to put aside the implementation of protocols and messaging libraries and focus on the main functionality of the system. With DeviceHive, building M2M solutions is made simple and transparent.