Mobility and PMS: trends and benefits


Mobility has changed nearly everything about the way business is done, property management & software used to facilitate hotel operations is no exception. Today more and more hotel owners want to perform typical Property Management operations using mobile devices.

Property management systems are repositories for large amounts of data. Putting disparate data together is typically a daunting task, so PMS providers have begun to offer cloud-based PMS’ that bring the necessary data to a single place where all important tasks and processes are more “fully” integrated and can be amended or appended by an individual or multiple users, working in the same program simultaneously.
PMS providers face challenges persuading their client-server clients to migrate current systems to the cloud because of the infrastructure. Moreover, hoteliers raise many important questions, and their concerns are understandable: What happens if the Internet goes down – does it mean that the whole system goes down? What’s about the redundancy? What about data security?

Guest’s data is very sensitive including credit card details, identity information and many other confidential details which are stored in a PMS. Finding a secure property management software becomes mission critical and plays a key role in the hotel’s long-term success. How PMS providers that offer these cloud-based solutions are tackling those issues is still the primary question for many industry players.

From a service perspective, hotel’s employees are expected to react immediately to the guest’s requests, so quick access to historical and real-time data will prove useful. By introducing mobile PMS functions, hotel owners empower their employees “on the move” with the necessary instruments that can help to meet and exceed guest expectations.

“Property Management System functionality is being exposed to guests and to hotel employees via thin client, mobile interfaces. PMS is still a hub for transaction data but unless PMS providers are innovating their product’s connectivity, interfaces and features they risk quickly becoming legacy” – says Greg Abbott, SVP of Travel and Hospitality at DataArt.

DataArt's Travel & Hospitality Practice follows the latest development trends and offers PMS vendors the following services:

  • Migrating to the cloud,
  • Security testing,
  • Faster time to market,
  • Technology Consulting - analyzing the steps it would take to make certain changes/additions to the existing software systems.

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