Meet Octopus - DataArt’s New Custom Video Solution

Even before COVID-19, the video streaming market was already booming. The global pandemic and the isolation that followed further increased the reliance on streaming and positioned the market for further growth in the foreseeable future. Since the beginning of quarantine, video streaming consumption has skyrocketed as the number of consumers who use it for both business and entertainment on a daily basis grows exponentially.
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By Max Kalmykov
Vice President, Media & Entertainment
Meet Octopus - DataArt’s New Custom Video Solution

A recent market research report from Fortune Business Insights predicts that the video streaming market will reach $842 billion by 2027, while video conferencing will almost double by 2026, increasing from $3 billion to over $6 billion. Expectations of massive growth for streaming do not come as a surprise considering the plethora of new streaming services entering the market in 2020.

The Video Distribution Problem

To meet this increase in demand and find the best ways possible to distribute and deliver video content, many companies are experimenting with alternative streaming options. Platforms like YouTube and Vimeo are great options, but some prefer to have more control over their content and play by their own rules. The reasons can vary from confusing regulations, which can lead to accounts being disabled for no apparent reason, or simply not having control over what type of advertisement plays before and during videos.

Frustrations over third party streaming platforms are why more and more companies are creating their own custom video streaming platforms to distribute their content. For large enterprises that can afford it, this method is a great way to play by their own rules. However, custom platform development is a costly proposition and a time-consuming endeavor – especially considering that time-to-market in today’s overcrowded video scene is critical.

To address this gap in streaming, the team at DataArt, a global software development company, worked very hard to offer the perfect golden mean to those businesses and establishments that are looking for an affordable, fast, and reliable video sharing and live streaming platform.

Meet DataArt Octopus

Octopus is a suite of tools for managing on-demand video and live video streaming content. It can be effortlessly deployed as a standalone platform or integrated into an existing website or application. It works as a white-label solution with modular, pre-built architecture and comes with a base code that covers all the key features that are available on popular OTT/VOD platforms.

The solution is highly customizable and scalable to fit any business model, whether it is a brand-new startup or a large enterprise. However, unlike many white-label or SaaS video sharing solutions, Octopus aims to help entities jumpstart their own video product – any solution built on the basis of Octopus is entirely unique and belongs to the client. DataArt only reserves the rights to the solution base code.

Octopus video player. You can fully customize the look and feel of your video platform

To jumpstart your video product with Octopus, you get:

  • access to the solution base code and pre-built architecture
  • dedicated team to customize and deploy the platform.

The DataArt team will be happy to help with user-facing design and post-launch support as well, or clients can bring their in-house team. An optimal quote and team composition are calculated individually for each project. There are no subscription or license costs associated with the use of the Octopus video platform!

Thanks to its scalability and versatility, DataArt Octopus meets the demands of a wide variety of companies, including traditional and online media, video entertainment, schools and museums. Just like the sea creature that gives the solution its name, Octopus is a flexible video suite that can be adjusted to satisfy numerous business objectives. For instance, you may use Octopus to:

  • create your own video streaming platform
  • stream conferences, meetings, and other online events
  • leverage video to build an immersive learning experience
  • share video coverage on your media outlet
  • empower video creators and reach new audiences
  • monetize content through advertising or paid subscription channels for viewers.
Manage access and monetize your video catalogue with Octopus

Key Components and Features

  • Video Player – a built-in player that supports all standard features.
  • Live Video Module – a service that handles live streams.
  • Video CMS – a service that handles the media catalog & metadata management.
  • Video Encoding Module – transcodes the uploaded media into distributed media formats.
  • Transcribing Module – a module to format subtitles.
  • Subscription Management Backend – a service that is responsible for user premium subscriptions and management.
  • Plug-in Support – the ability to integrate with third party services such as authentication providers (Okta, OAuth), billing services (Stripe, PayPal, Square), and advertising platforms, among others.
  • Multiple User Role Support.

DataArt Octopus helps our customers acquire a custom video platform tailored to any business needs in no time. It is deployed on the company’s existing cloud platform, eliminating any extra costs and time needed to build a streaming platform from scratch.

To learn more and request a demo, visit the Octopus Page.

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