Mapping UK Prescriptions

25 February 2014
By Valentina Lakhina, Business Development, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Following the initiative, the UK publicly releases raw data from the government or public services, making it available to everyone, to ultimately increase government accountability and improve public services. Yet to actually be of use, this raw data has to be processed, analyzed and presented in a human-friendly way, rather than simply be machine-readable.

The DataArt team took up this challenge and started an R&D project to provide users with an easy way to find information about the usage of prescriptions across all general practices in England. The project resulted in a medical application that visualizes information about the cost and category of prescriptions and displays trends, such as which medications are most often used in a specific area or to treat a certain category of disease.

The Big Data analytics is conveniently presented against a map of England with a broad range of filters for you to optimize your search and obtain the most relevant information.

In terms of technology, the application utilizes MongoDb database with ASP.NET back-end and angular.js front-end. In the next related post we’ll let you know what challenges our R&D team faced and how they were successfully resolved.

To find out more about the Data Visualization tool’s capabilities or to see it in action, visit this page.

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