Latest Trends in Healthcare IT Solutions


Healthcare industry is changing rapidly in the US. Furthermore, over $4 trillion is expected to flow into the market of Healthcare IT solutions that improve patients’ outcomes. Among the most promising technologies that have already shaped Healthcare industry are EMR/EHR systems, Clinical Reporting Systems, and mHealth apps.

New technological solutions such as EMR/EHR enable hospitals to increase the document filling productivity, shorten time of response and save time for their stuff. Besides EMRs, reporting systems save physicians 750 hours per year that can be dedicated to the most complicated cases or professional development.

Clinical reporting systems are being used for gathering information in research and supporting the decision making processes. During clinical trials reporting systems play a vital role in assuring that the procedures are performed in compliance with all the regulations and other requirements in clinical protocol.

E-prescribing that is now widely used by retail pharmacies can provide for the treatment adherence which is an important issue during the evaluation of medical interventions and clinical trials.

Pharma industry cuts the cost by automating the processes during drugs development. New analytical systems help reveal gaps in drugs development by that improving manufacturing process and pushing new drugs to the market quicker.

The new technologies give benefits not only to the industry as a whole, but to everyone since personal mHealth application are right at hand. In fact the usage of them increased by more than 1,2 mln only between 2011 and 2012 years. It is convenient to monitor your health when you are able to track your records from your phone without any additional devices. With a little time&money, it is easy to be healthy now.

To conclude healthcare becomes smarter, quicker and cheaper for the end user nowadays. The number of patients that prefer using telemedicine instead of attending medical practice grows each year. It is obvious, that you’re not able to go through a surgery without attending a hospital. But now to monitor the level of your sugar or to remember about your next doctor’s appointment you don’t have to come in. You just need a smart health app downloaded into your phone. Yet smart devices no matter how accurate they are cannot replace a professional physician. What they can do is help manage time that is spent for paper work and improve hospital workflow. As a result doctors can dedicate their time to really important issues such as patients’ health outcomes. Health IT solutions help doctors be doctors, not managers. Doctors should focus on health and nothing else.

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