Latest Developments in Blockchain at Hyperledger Hackfest @DataArt in Odessa


Hackfest of passion for Blockchain

Over 100 Blockchain experts and enthusiasts from all over the world gathered in sunny Odessa on 4-5 of July to participate in Hyperledger Hackfest. The event was hosted by DataArt and Hyperledger as part of the Hyperledger Meetups, a series of events organized by The Linux Foundation, aimed at advancing cross-industry Blockchain technologies. This two-day event was dedicated to the opportunities and implications of the Blockchain technology. This summer the Hackfest took place at an unusual location – the biggest football stadium in the South of Ukraine near the Black Sea. The variety of presentations and highly diverse content made the event truly unique. The speakers illustrated numerous use-cases of the blockchain technology for a range of industries from finance to energy.

See you today at @Hyperledger Hackfest @DataArt Odessa, or join our online broadcast

— Denis Baranov (@denis_baran0v) 4 июля 2017 г.

The first day of the Hackfest was full of keynote sessions. Alex Yakovlev, a Member of Hyperledger Architecture Working Group and the Head of Decentralized Solutions Direction at NSD, opened the event with an introduction to Hyperledger, discussing its Blockchain frameworks and such tools as Cello, Composer and Explorer. The next speaker, Denis Baranov, Solutions Architect and Blockchain expert at DataArt, explored possible applications of the technology in the energy sector, including new types of trading, micro payments, smart devices, energy certificates and social projects. Omar Sanchez, who leads Business Innovation at Daimler, went on to examine the impact of Blockchain on the industrial enterprise. According to Sanchez, ‘Existing business models are being challenged by the technology.’

Very impressive were presentations by Oleg Abdrashitov, the Head of Blockchain Practice at Altoros and Co-Founder and CTO at Synswap, and Makoto Takemiya, co-CEO at Soramitsu. Abdrashitov shared his extensive experience of coding with Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 – the latest version of the platform for distributed ledger solutions. While his presentation was technical, the audience was deeply interested in it.


Makoto Takemiya introduced Soramitsu – a Japanese blockchain technology company, which he created in 2016. Takemiya demonstrated various case studies from his practice, including ‘Digital identity for financial institutions’, ‘National payment infrastructure’, and ‘Weather derivative contracts’. ‘Using Blockchain technology and cryptographic signatures, it is possible to create a decentralized identity that can be used programmatically. This can empower a digital economy,’ – said Takemiya.

The second day of the Hackfest included workshops that looked into some of the most popular Blockchain communities inside Hyperledger. Among the guests were not only Blockchain newcomers, but also experts from prominent companies including Infopulse, Deloitte,, and others, who challenged the speakers with provocative questions. The attendees continued to learn through informal conversations with the speakers at coffee breaks.


DataArt was proud to be a part of the event that attracted so many experts and audience from all over the world. We will continue this series of Hackfests and share the invaluable experience gained. As our expert Denis Baranov noted, ‘Blockchain is here to stay’.

Online broadcast can be viewed here.

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