Innovation Conference: To Be on the Cutting Edge

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By Alexey Filimonov
Chief Operating Officer

As a DataArt Competence Center Coordinator I’m happy to announce that DataArt has held its second Innovation Conference – a special corporate event to present new technologies and innovative breakthroughs to colleagues. We observe global innovations and then apply these discoveries in projects to provide new technologies for clients.

DataArt developers are always welcome to create something new, and we definitely support initiative among the employees. We also started a new project called “Competence Centers” — professional communities of DataArt people that bring together employees based on their IT-interests. The competences regularly present lots of R&D projects for financial services, healthcare, hospitality, and other industries.

By following innovations we help customers to keep up with the times, to be on the cutting edge of the latest trends in IT. As experts we can provide those innovations that suit a client’s industry. One of the brightest DataArt developments with great potential is an all-custom augmented reality engine prototype by the Computer Vision team which is being prepared to be integrated into an in-process R&D project.

DataArt also evolves, and our Innovation Conference is a good occasion to tell our colleagues what we have done for the company. For example, our Ruby developers created an internal corporate social network for joint works and communications - the service with to the tools for attention management.

The Competence Centers representatives were highly active at this Conference. The speeches were devoted to technical innovations, programming languages, platforms (such as BlackBerry 10) and current internal and external projects. Some of them have already become well-known. Such as iOS application for soccer fans by the Computer Vision Competence or a new beta computer application for media news analysis by the Big Data Competence Center. They are both still in progress and we’ll be happy to share any news about them here later. Other projects are still being kept under wraps even from most of the DataArt team.

Hoping that the Conference gave additional impetus to the development process we start a new round of DataArt effort in the field of innovations.

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