• DataArt supported Tnooz Appy Hour

    14 May 2015
    By admin,

    DataArt exhibited for the first time at the Phocuswright Europe Conference, 12-14th May, in Dublin, a key travel event where more than 400 senior travel industry leaders get together to discuss the issues, challenges, and trends that are driving the business across travel and hospitality.

    The Tnooz Appy Hour, a lively cocktail party and a key feature at the Phocuswright conference, was once again supported by DataArt. The reception gathered more than 100 senior travel professionals including representatives from Blacklane, Skyscanner, Travelport, TrustYou,  Criteo, Triometric, BCD Travel, Travelport, Triptease, Airhelp and Sabre among others.  Everyone had an opportunity to discuss ideas and thoughts presented during the day, in a more informal way.


  • At the Recent Bankathon, Both Charities and DataArt were Winners

    01 May 2015
    By Steve Pscheid, Vice President Germany,

    Michael Koch, Deutsche Bank (on the left) awarding DataArt team: Steve Pscheid (in the middle) and Ilya Aristov (on the right)

    Last week, in Frankfurt, a team of DataArt developers attended the Bankathon hack-a-thon event, organized by GINIand FIGO, a pair of new powerful API’s for the financial industry.

    Our team emerged from the event with a killer app and a special award from Deutsche Bank.

    The team spent 2 days developing Doo’Nation, an app that allows consumers to follow the money trail for any charitable donation they wish to make. The goal was to create an app that removes some of the “sketchy” from typical donations one might make on the street and digitize these transactions. Watch our app presentation on YouTube.


  • DataArt to Present Proof of Concept with its RTB Demo Kit

    28 April 2015
    By Gregory Gor, Senior Vice President, Media & Entertainment

    Programmatic trading, which is the actual technology behind real time bidding processes, has been around for some time, since the beginning of the 21st century when the first advertising exchanges began to emerge. While the initial development of ad exchanges was neither easy nor inexpensive, the appearance of these exchanges on the global market heralded an era of a stock exchange-like environment in the marketing and advertising industry.


  • Open Source Predictive Maintenance for Industrial IoT

    24 April 2015
    By Artyom Astafurov, Chief Innovation Officer at DataArt

    The industrial Internet of Things (IoT) enables businesses to predict when industrial equipment is going to fail, so that action can be taken beforehand. A leader in this space, DataArt, developed one of the first IoT and big data open sourced platforms, DeviceHive, and published on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

    DataArt has collaborated with Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, as well asMicrosoft


  • DataArt to Present a Charity App at the Upcoming Hackathon

    23 April 2015
    By Steve Pscheid, Vice President Germany,

    In Frankfurt, April 26-28, as part of a hackathon, DataArt will roll out a new mobile app that allows consumers to make donations to their favorite charities and organizations within 3 taps on their smartphone. Using the API’s from Gini and figo, DataArt will showcase an app that eliminates concerns around donating; digital records will show a consumer that their money has made it into the proper hands. In addition, customers will receive a digital receipt for their donation in near real-time.


  • DataArt at Finanzebs @Frankfurt, April 17

    21 April 2015
    By Markus Nellessen, Vice President Germany, Vice President Germany

    The event was hosted by alumni from the European Business School, and was celebrating its 20th anniversary. Industry leaders shared post-graduate experiences and research across financial services, real estate, and a host of other categories. Visitors to the most recent event were employees from banks and financial services firms, asset managers, etc., and were there to learn about new market approaches and modern banking technology.


  • Mobile World Congress is Out of Session

    23 March 2015
    By Artyom Astafurov, Chief Innovation Officer at DataArt

    Mobile World Congress in Barcelona gave attendees a glimpse into the future, through the lens of the Internet of Things (IoT). It’s amazing how far things have come in just a few short years (analysts predict between 26 and 30 billion devices will be connected to the internet in five years). Entire pavilions at the show were dedicated to the IoT and connected devices, with devices ranging from connected showerheads through automated drones on display.


  • Apple Watch – Not Quite There Yet

    11 March 2015
    By admin,

    Apple Watch

    New Apple Watch, while highly anticipated, remains predominantly a niche product despite high hopes in the industry. It’s not that the idea is wrong – no one disputes that wearables can improve our lives in many ways. However, to date implementation of the idea has been sloppy, and has failed to deliver on the promise of a brighter future. Now all hopes are pinned on Apple, a company known for its ability to enter a challenging market and change the environment with one impeccable product.


  • DataArt IoT/M2M team took the third place at NYC IoT Fair

    22 December 2014
    By Artyom Astafurov, Chief Innovation Officer at DataArt

    We are happy to announce, that DataArt got third place in the Internet of Things competition at NYC IoT Fair this December.

    The first New York IoT Fair had about 500 attendees and 23 companies, who demoed IoT ideas bridging devices, cloud, and data. The DataArt team showcased real-time analytics and data monitoring – how wireless Sensor Tags can be easily integrated with wot.io data services using the DeviceHive platform, Elasticsearch, and data from the Intel Edison platform. The attendees were allowed to try the TI SensorTag, sending tweets and receiving graphs back.

  • Mobile Applications and PA-DSS

    10 December 2014
    By Roman Denisenko, Senior QA

    I often receive questions that start with “I’ve got a great mobile application and I am going to add the ability to make payments. But I am a bit worried because of the PCI PA-DSS standard.”

    The situation is so typical that I’ve finally decided to write an article dedicated to PCI PA-DSS and what to do about it.

    To start with, let`s refresh our knowledge about the PCI PA-DSS standard and maybe even learn something new.

    As you remember, the PCI PA-DSS standard is mostly known for enhancing the security of payment applications. Overall, every application that works within the PCI DSS-compliance infrastructure should be PCI PA-DSS compliant.

    Let`s drill down into the requirements.