• GBTA 2019 Convention Wrap-up: The Good, The Bad, And The Exciting Future Of Our Industry

    16 August 2019
    By Andrew Sanders, VP, Travel & Hospitality North America

    GBTA 2019 Convention Wrap-up The Good, The Bad, And The Exciting Future Of Our Industry

    The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) concluded the 51st year of its hotly-anticipated annual convention last week in Chicago. With over 7,000 attendees enjoying the mild summer weather in Illinois, the event featured a range of discussions led by business leaders and celebrities plus more than 170 educational sessions about disruptive technology-driven products and services in the travel and hospitality industries.


  • How Virtual Reality is Helping the Travel Industry Evolve

    17 July 2019
    By Vasily Malinov, VP , Travel & Hospitality

    How Virtual Reality is Helping the Travel Industry Evolve

    Virtual Reality (VR) is currently experiencing a rapid ascent in the consumer imagination. After spending the 90’s and the first decade of the 2000’s in the realm of academia and technological experimentation, recent years have seen several tiers of VR technology become available to the general public.


  • Developing a Sports Betting Platform: Buy vs Build

    15 July 2019
    By Russell Karp, VP Media & Entertainment


    The explosive growth of sports betting continues to rise following last year’s U.S. Supreme Court decision to strike down a federal ban on wagering.

    While the broadcasting and sports industries buzz with excitement, how large will the betting market get? Although predictions vary, they all indicate that the increase in gross gaming revenue derived from sports betting shows no signs of slowing down, with Bank of America Merrill Lynch analyst Shaun Kelley stating his expectation for the current size of $200 million to skyrocket to $5-10 billion over the next five years.


  • What to Do if You Want Your Digital Transformation to Fail

    26 June 2019
    By Joanne Cox, Head of Marketing, UK

    What to Do if You Want Your Digital Transformation to Fail

    Dmitry Bagrov, UK Managing Director of DataArt, spoke earlier this month at an event hosted by the Digital Leadership Forum. The event brought together over 100 digital leaders to explore the topic, “Digital Transformation Success Stories.”


  • DMEA in retrospect

    22 April 2019
    By Anni Tabagua, Marketing Coordinator

    Looking back at DMEA_1

    DMEA, formerly known as conhIT, the leading digital health event in Europe, took place on 9-11 April in Berlin. DataArt participated as an exhibitor for the very first time.

    Occupying Germany’s biggest exhibition center at Messe Berlin, DMEA exceeded all expectations in terms of turnout, topics covered, workshops and keynote addresses, including a speech by Jens Spahn, Germany’s Minister of Health. Spahn made an appeal for an increase in the pace of development for digital health solutions. The three-day convention attracted around 10,800 visitors, 570 exhibitors and 350 speakers, and served as a platform for digital healthcare.


  • Transforming Organizations with Cloud-Native Development

    18 April 2019
    By Cliff Moyce, Chairman of Advisory Board, Finance Practice


    Adopting cloud-native development increases:

    • speed of software development and deployment
    • productivity of teams doing systems development, systems support and IT operations, and
    • ability to use leading-edge, cloud-native third-party services


  • Seven Ways to Secure Your Cloud Data

    17 April 2019
    By Sebastian Bucur, Security and Software Consultant

    Seven Ways to Secure Your Cloud Data_blog

    There are three misconceptions about the cloud. First, that it is secure by default; second, that you can migrate to it yourself; and third, that it’s water vapor.

    Cloud in itself, as an infrastructure, is very secure. If Google, Microsoft and Linux experts cannot be trusted to do a good job then all hope is lost. They can be trusted, which is why cloud is secure. The best analogy to illustrate the concept is a country’s security. Borders are secured, monitored and patrolled – yet you still have to lock your car and home inside that secure country. The same goes for the cloud: you still need passwords, encryption, a firewall, etc.


  • What’s the Number One Concern Keeping Hotel Group CIOs Up at Night?

    17 April 2019
    By Andrew Sanders, VP, Travel & Hospitality North America

    What’s the Number One Concern Keeping Hotel Group CIOs Up at Night

    People trust us to allow them to sleep safely and securely. There’s a longstanding tradition of an innkeeper, that we fulfill that commitment to them. Has it extended naturally, with the same diligence, to the digital environment? Not always.” – John Burns, President of Hospitality Technology Consulting.


  • How Technologies Transform the Insurance Industry

    11 April 2019
    By Garrie McKinnon, Sales Manager, Finance Practice

    How Technologies Transform the Insurance Industry

    I attended two insurance conferences in London this month in order to gain insight into what is driving the changes in their business. Insurance companies are all looking at technology as a way to improve the efficiency of their operations, but they all know that technology alone will not make a sufficient impact. Data is an organization’s biggest asset and the ability to use technology to harness that data and gain insights to better serve customer needs is also the key to successfully moving a business forward.


  • Key Points for Selecting a Sports Data Provider

    02 April 2019
    By Russell Karp, VP Media & Entertainment


    As legalized sports betting expands throughout the United States, the value of game data is growing exponentially. From managers and teams to sportsbooks and media agencies, virtually everyone in the industry now relies on sports data to prosper. In addition, experts predict that in-game betting will quickly become popular in the U.S. Companies that can allow bets on precisely when a goal is scored, who had the assist, and other specific details can increase their profile massively through enhanced fan engagement and the resulting growth in revenue.