HTML5 is a Strategic Choice for Enterprises

11 December 2012
By Oleg Komissarov, Senior Vice President

HTML5 is a great front-end technology. But even if it is the future king of the front-end, do not use it for each and every solution. Modern mobile hardware does not guarantee native performance for HTML5 and the user experience can therefore suck. Does it mean that HTML5 is the wrong choice for a mobile consumer app? Yes, it does. You can find confirmation of this in the article below. When you use app for fun you do not want to endure lag. Lag kills fun :). Does it mean that HTML5 is the wrong choice for a mobile enterprise application? I don’t think so. Fun for enterprises is when they stay ahead of competitors.

These days they need to empower business subdivisions with [mobile] tools providing unique business functionality and features allowing them be on top of the competitive edge. But enterprise applications are not as straightforward as consumer apps. They need to be assembled out of multiple existing and new applications, be highly configurable and customizable. App stores do not allow such flexibility for native apps. So, HTML5 is a great solution and strategically the right choice for Enterprises in executing their mobile strategy. Even if HTML5 performance currently sucks.

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