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23 January 2014
By Artem Markushev, Senior Webmaster

As a logical continuation of my research described in the preceding article, I would love to give you an advice on how to properly design and build your page on This advice is based on experience garnered from a thousand of users who have viewed my page and by analyzing their mistakes. I analyzed the information and appearance of their pages and compared against my own statistics and wrote down some observations.

  1. Place your own picture as a background

    This is a common mistake for bots and very recent newcomers. The fact is that most people see your page either in recommendations or on the Dashboard if you have viewed or complimented their page. The only thing that they see in both locations is this particular image and if it doesn’t present you well, then most likely it will be ignored. Especially, if you use one of “default” images, that are suggested by right after registration. Even if you’re a photographer – do not put a picture made by you, it is better create a collage of photos that you’ve made and your own portrait.

  2. Use your real name or brand

    Even if you are a bot, use the title field for your name or brand, and the subtitle will serve perfectly for the brief description of what you are. The majority of people will not see your biography, so a correct title and subtitle are the keys to success, whereas profiles entitled “THIS PHOTO IS FOR SALE” will be definitely skipped by the majority.

  3. Use English language everywhere

    If you really want to gain popularity on, don’t forget that this network doesn’t have any local search, as common interests are mainly the focus. It is pretty frustrating to see a biography in a foreign language that you don’t know when a photo or description has already attracted your interest.

  4. The first few sentences of your biography are almost as important as title and subtitle

    It is important to catch and hold a viewer’s attention from the very beginning and make people curious, as they only see first few sentences of your biography on their dashboards. Indicate the main idea of your profile straight away, this might be your occupation or your main interest.

  5. Talk about yourself is a service aimed at creating and developing your brand. Bear in mind this an important tip that is essential to use with this particular service – tell as much as you can in the minimal amount of words. And don’t forget who you are writing for. If you are a serious business guy then write a brief description of your work experience, skills and achievements. If you are a creative person, then be creative! If you are a writer, then write a short story about yourself, make it interesting to read. But don’t forget that not everyone will be able to read it if you use very complicated language.

  6. And the most important – be active

    Browse the pages of people that appear interesting, add them to your collections, compliment them and don’t forget to reply to compliments!

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