How to Increase Revenues with Automotive Data Mining and Equity Mining

Car dealerships’ very existence relies on profit, but to remain competitive and successful, a company must move beyond simply waiting for the next customer to walk in the door. One of the best ways to ramp up sales is through automotive data mining and equity mining - but what exactly does that mean?
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By Brad Stanton
Vice President, TOLA Region
How to Increase Revenues with Automotive Data Mining and Equity Mining

Automotive data mining and equity mining help car dealers harness data efficiently, predict production problems, and alter manufacturing planning if required - all in a timely fashion. Let’s dig deeper into using these tools and whether your company has potential in this area.

What Is Automotive Data Mining?

In the automotive industry, data mining is analyzing data to unearth customers with higher purchase likelihood. The process is thorough and looks into a potential customer’s social media posts, lifestyle, finances, driving patterns, and of course, credit report.

Automotive data mining also allows to analyze customer patterns and predict the best combination of features for new purchases. For instance, Volkswagen Group has used this approach to deconstruct 200 of their cars’ attributes and assign each with a value from 2 to 50. As a result, the company has compiled sets of the most common characteristics requested by customers, allowing them to plan manufacturing requirements in a data-driven way.

Data Mining Applications in the Automotive Industry

As you can probably guess, data mining is an intensive and exhaustive process, requiring someone to sift endless data troves. For human beings, this would take forever, but thankfully artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics come to our rescue.

These tools can help a dealership understand their customers, what they want, and when they are likely to purchase. Given the reliability of automation processing, huge chunks of data can be processed quickly, and the results are almost flawless.

What Is Automotive Equity Mining?

Automotive equity mining is a branch of automotive data mining that specifically targets existing clients with a high likelihood of purchasing another car. Usually, when this happens, terms do not change much, and customers can be expected to continue with the same payments they had before.

An equity mining program selects potential prospects based on factors like residual values, their existing car’s equity, company incentives, and interest rates. This list is then sent to sales reps, so they can call them and propose offers.

There are several ways in which equity mining pumps money back into an auto company. The first is through leasing or selling a new car, and the second is via the trade-in of the old. During trade-in, this older car earns CPO status - making it a profitable commodity in itself. And before it is resold, it might need replacement parts, and this hugely benefits the service and parts department of a dealership.

The finance and insurance sector is heavily reliant on equity mining, and it is easy to see why. When you sell a new car, the owner will need insurance, prepaid maintenance, and other services already offered at your dealership. And the owner may also insist on upgrades and modifications, generating work for your service and parts department. All of this means automotive equity mining can turbo boost your ROI.

A few top automotive equity mining tools include AutoAlert, CDK Global, VinSolutions, Revenue Radar, Dominion Solutions, and ELEAD1ONE Xchange. These software programs offer different results and are charged differently, and your success will depend on the software’s efficiency, as well as the individual in charge of the software. However, suppose you’d like to integrate an automotive equity mining tool in your internal solution. In that case, it is better to turn to a technology partner like DataArt and develop software meeting your needs.

How Can Automotive Data Mining and Equity Mining Boost Your Bottom Line?

Re-energize your marketing initiatives

Data mining can sharpen your marketing strategies, making them more fruitful by exploding the number of promising customers you can access and data on them. Of course, you must have an in-house or dedicated team of experts to oversee this task and ensure it is more successful than our older methods for targeting customers.

Spot invisible opportunities

There are many potentially profitable insights available through data mining. For instance, you can easily identify customers who have not yet brought in their vehicles for maintenance and servicing. A customer care or marketing team can then get in touch with them for scheduling. You can also discover customers with in-demand vehicles or those whose lease or financing is coming to an end, and then target them.

Through data convergence analysis (a part of data mining), your company will know exactly which triggers will spur a customer to make a purchase. This makes tailoring custom offers for each client far easier.

Improve customer retention efforts

Data mining helps with customer retention, too, because through it, you can curate offers for each of your customers, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. Your company will end up with a vast pool of customers willing to return to your dealership in the future.

A piece of advice, though: having the relevant customer data is not enough. You must also follow the latest market trends to create relevant and attractive incentives and flexible conditions that entice your customers.

Data Is Everything

Your data matters more than ever when using these methods, and it must be accurate, managed, and well organized. This minimizes the risk of wasting resources and time on irrelevant marketing strategies. A robust software solution that is compatible with your mining tool is essential. This tool should have the capacity to analyze data from all relevant sources. A data appending tool should be also used to ensure your customer’s contact info is automatically updated as well.

If you do not have sufficient in-house data, you can source it from public and private entities. Then, when you have collected and cleaned your data, you can start using automotive data mining and equity mining techniques to process and analyze the information.

If your existing dealership management software is limited in any way, you can turn to DataArt for either an upgrade or a complete system overhaul. Otherwise, you risk losing valuable opportunities that your competitors are already exploiting with the help of their better tech.

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