Healthcare Technology to Increase Innovation


Now that the holidays are long over and 2013 is quickening its pace, our Healthcare team came up with some predictions for 2013. Here’s what we expect to happen in Healthcare IT industry this year.

With Personal Health Records (PHRs) becoming more popular and the initiatives such as BlueButton making it easy to download and share medical records with different medical and insurance providers, we will hardly be surprised to see the application market flourish with various mobile and other apps that would analyze user’s data throughout their lifetime and show all kinds of fascinating results. This will give a cutting edge to Big Data Companies since they can use data-mining and data analytic developments in healthcare to track certain patterns and interconnections and in the end display personalized recommendations to the end user.

And that is just one of many prospects for Big Data and data-mining. It is expected to become a new source of knowledge and better quality diagnosis. It will enable an automated search for new medicines. Its potentials are limitless.

Another thing is that an enormous pool of diversified healthcare devices such as Kinect, bracelets monitoring your heart rate, temperature, blood glucose, etc. will collect huge bulks of data and upload them to various Medical Clouds for further analysis. Such great amounts of statistical data will give a chance to generate health forecasts and at a certain point the focus of mobile apps will shift from gathering health info (which will now be secondary feature) to generating these health forecasts and forming recommendations.

Take it one step further and these applications will be integrated with your day planner app, so that your health forecast and recommendations took your schedule into consideration and generated something like You should steer clear of carbohydrates today, since judging by your yesterday values you may still have too much sugar in your bloodstream and all these meetings in your calendar will not leave you a chance to burn excess calories today. Here’s your recommended diet for the day.

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