Greg Abbott of DataArt to Participate in Travel Expert Index Initiative Organized by Sabre

02 February 2017
By Maria Vorontsova, Marketing Manager


Greg Abbott, Senior VP of Travel and Hospitality at the global technology consultancy DataArt, was invited to participate in the travel survey for Travel Expert Index organized by Sabre.

This opportunity will offer a unique way to query the various segments of the travel industry as a whole. The panelists are curated across industry segments to voice opinions on hot topics, including market conditions or technology disruptors.

Greg Abbott is a recognized travel technology expert and a regular contributor to travel technology publications. Abbott will share insightful examples on hot topic of the industry, such as personalization, innovations in travel, the future of the industry etc. Travel Expert Index founders believe that Greg’s addition to the panel will provide relevant expertise on the topic and help to diversify the voices represented.

Results from the Travel Expert Index survey will be available at, and we encourage all to receive a regular e-mail update here to get the latest from the Insights

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