DMEA in retrospect

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DMEA, formerly known as conhIT, the leading digital health event in Europe, took place on 9-11 April in Berlin. DataArt participated as an exhibitor for the very first time.

Occupying Germany’s biggest exhibition center at Messe Berlin, DMEA exceeded all expectations in terms of turnout, topics covered, workshops and keynote addresses, including a speech by Jens Spahn, Germany’s Minister of Health. Spahn made an appeal for an increase in the pace of development for digital health solutions. The three-day convention attracted around 10,800 visitors, 570 exhibitors and 350 speakers, and served as a platform for digital healthcare.

Under the slogan “Connecting Digital Health,” the event addressed a wide audience of e-health solution providers that included both big companies and startups, as well as doctors, R&D professionals, health association representatives, decision-makers in IT departments, publishers and other professionals interested in health IT. Not only did DMEA provide outstanding opportunities for networking, but also, through the many workshops and panel discussions taking place, it highlighted the main themes and trends in Europe’s digital health space. Key discussions centered around Artificial Intelligence, IT Security, User Privacy as a Priority, Interoperability, Digitization in Nursing and the importance of electronic health records for intersectoral and interprofessional care.

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The DataArt Healthcare & Life Sciences practice has been continuously applying their know-how in the healthcare sector in a variety of ways, and demonstrated a couple of concept apps (Proof of Concepts) that showed the benefits of Telemedicine, Patient Engagement, AI/ML, and Big Data for the industry. The team also discussed the opportunities presented by new technologies.

One of the innovative digital solutions we presented at DMEA was the Telehealth & Remote Monitoring prototype, created in partnership with Health Navigator, a platform offering a comprehensive clinical vocabulary and decision-support system designed to facilitate eHealth and telemedicine encounters. It is an R&D app meant to revolutionize the telehealth experience. It brings together real-time speech recognition (powered by IBM Watson) with natural language processing and clinical decision support systems to improve the patient-doctor experience, reduce costs, and dramatically save time for the EHR population.

Moreover, the DataArt team demonstrated the Patient Engagement approach with KidPRO, the winner of the Pfizer Healthcare Challenge 2017 award and a third place winner of the recent Management und Krankenhaus Award 2019, which was presented to the team by WILEY publishing at DMEA. The prototype is a complete ePRO (electronic patient reported outcomes) system for pediatric clinical trials and consists of two interconnected applications: one for the child, one for the parents. The companion apps guide the patient and the caregiver through the daily schedule of a clinical trial, suggest personalized educational content, and offer rewards for compliance.

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By adopting a new format and expanding its reach, DMEA has made a leap forward in significance, and it was a great pleasure to witness all these changes as exhibitors this year. It helped us learn about all the great health systems of today, and allowed us to see the technology being developed and brought to Germany! It’s becoming more and more clear that the future of healthcare has everything to do with digital infrastructure and there’s an ever-growing need for relevant solutions, which is where DataArt stands out.

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