DeviceHive and the Dancing Light

20 March 2013
By Sergey Polichnoy, Senior Developer

DeviceHive — an open platform designed to enable messaging between smart devices and client applications. It allows you to implement solutions to exchange information in a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) network. With an open cloud API (Application Programming Interface), an administrative portal, and a set of components, including protocols and libraries, you can manage devices remotely regardless of your network configuration.

As a part of our Embedded Competence Center work we decided to demonstrate that DeviceHive can be easily used. We bought a Rainbow Cube – a 3D design tool which was connected to a RaspberryPi gateway by serial port. The RaspberryPi Gateway registered the device on the DeviceHive server and then the Cube could be controlled with a HTML5 application.

As a result, the program could fill the Rainbow Cube with different colors, set the color of a particular pixel or even 3D areas – as you wish.

Full instructions on how to program a Rainbow Cube can be found here. You can try it by yourself – it’s easier than you think.

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