DeviceHive 3.2.0 is released

05 July 2017
By Tatyana Matvienko, Senior Developer at DataArt


DataArt’s IoT team is proud to release a new version of the open source IoT platform DeviceHive.

This update improves general performance and stability, introduces new API features, and enables Kubernetes cluster deployment.

Please see the details about the recent changes below:


  • Added the Hazelcast microservice module.
  • Added the device\list websocket command.
  • Removed Device Class.
  • Removed Device Equipment.
  • Network key removed, Device key removed, Device Guid renamed to ID.
  • Updated Swagger auth model (api_key could be used between API calls).


  • Updated playground, implemented OAuth via Github, Facebook, and Google.

Admin Console:

  • Replaced JWT auth with login/pass authentication.
  • Created interactive intro for new users.


  • Implemented node.js library.
  • Updated


  • Updated docker-compose, publishing to DockerHub configured, first version of kubernetes-deployment published.

More news coming. Stay tuned!

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