DataArt’s Healthcare Mobile Apps Command Interest at mHealth Summit

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By Daniel Piekarz
SVP, Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice Leader

DataArt’s Healthcare & Life Sciences practice had a strong showing at the 7th annual mHealth Summit that took place on November 8-11, 2015 in Washington, DC. A great place to explore health innovations, industry insights and trends, mHealth drew thousands of industry executives. DataArt’s exhibition booth sparked a vivid interest among attendees as the team showcased several of our our mHealth apps.

At the heart of everything we do at DataArt is our vision of creating tailor-made solutions for the specific requirements and business demands of our customers. For our healthcare & life sciences practice this often means serving the special needs of a particular segment of the population, whether it is a particular demographic or a group of patients with specific health conditions. Our thinking is shaped by research into these needs, the intricacies of health conditions and dedicated to overcoming the challenges patients may face in managing their condition. We keep our focus patient centric by turning these insights into quality user experience.

A few years back we noticed a growing number of healthcare mobile applications, yet there were no apps developed for children with chronic illnesses. We felt that patient self-management skills are crucial to their well being as chronic conditions require understanding and involvement over a long period of time. We also thought that it was time to address a growing demographic of young healthcare recipients born after the turn of the century, who respond well to technology.

So we conceived of an app, which would focus on children themselves, enhance their perceived self-efficacy, engage and educate children about their condition and ultimately improve their long-term health outcomes. Shortly thereafter we developed our KidPRO app - one of the apps we were pleased to demonstrate at the Summit.

The application combines professional medical software with gamification elements and a simple UI that appeals to children. Among it’s features are a daily patient diary, a calendar to keep track of appointments, a provider messaging functionality, a star rewards system for taking medication and following other prescribed activities, and a key ‘protagonist’ avatar in the form of a squirrel named Errol. This makes the app a great interactive learning tool.

The app is designed to capture patient information entered into the system both manually and from medical devices by means of camera and computer vision technology. This makes the app an invaluable tracking tool in clinical trials as all information, captured by the application, is available to the doctors and Study Team for statistical analysis through their own applications. Collected data can then be used to help the medical and pharmaceutical community adapt their product to behavior patterns and compliance rates of children and to record their progress. The rewards for adhering to the clinical trial protocol and the user interface itself act as positive behavior support system and create an engaging experience for children.

Another system we demoed at the Summit was MedAR – an application developed to simplify and inform the choice of over-the-counter medications. MedAR is an augmented reality application for iPhone and iPad that recognizes medications and instantly provides relevant information about it, including drug facts, uses, directions, links to videos and the manufacturer’s website, and goes as far as to sync medication regimen directly with your calendar and remind you to take it.

The development of mobile apps as well as other technical solutions for the healthcare industry is an exciting area of DataArt’s expertise, rich with creative possibilities for facilitating positive health outcomes. By engaging patients in their own healthcare, mHealth apps hold the potential to enhance lifelong patient self-management, reduce healthcare costs, and improve patients’ quality of life.

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