• Live Sports Betting In a Mobile World

    15 October 2019
    By Russell Karp, VP Media & Entertainment

    Live Sports Betting In a Mobile World

    “In-play is just an incredibly engaging experience. It’s incumbent upon the existing operators to create really exciting new markets to engage the customer.” – Seth Young, Chief Innovations Officer at PointsBet.

    Every sports fan knows the thrill of seeing their favorite team steal the lead and win a big game. And those who choose to put their money down on a sports event know the exhilarating feeling that comes from hitting the mark on a bet and taking home some extra cash as an added bonus to the fantastic experience of watching a game. Well, the lucky ones do anyway!


  • Money 20-20 FinTech and BankTech Trends Creating the Future

    Not everyone gets to attend Money20/20, one of the most prominent fintech and banktech events in the US, but those who can’t go can still unlock the opportunities that will be discussed there. Read on to learn the major trends in finance and banking tech, as shared by Money20/20 speakers, so you can pivot your business in this fast-paced market.


  • How the Post & Parcel Industry can Stay Relevant

    12 September 2019
    By Ilya Aristov, Head of DT


    Advances in technology and increased consumer expectations have caused revenue and client satisfaction for the postal and parcel industries (P&P) to drop steadily over the last ten years. For companies, prioritizing e-commerce development to meet the changing demands of their client-base has become the only logical choice. Likewise, in 2020, postal organizations need to embrace flexibility, adaptability, and creativity if they want to remain relevant.

    The traditional business model is changing, and for some businesses, it is already unrecognizable. Market players need to identify consumer and market trends early. Going forward, understanding the macro and micro needs of their customers, along with digitalizing their business, will help keep P&P afloat.


  • Strata Data Conference New York 2019”

    Strata Conference is one of the largest big data conferences in the world, and it’s happening in New York City this fall (September 23-26).

    What major trends will people be talking about at this conference?

    DataArt interviewed five of the announced conference speakers to get their insights on how the latest trends in big data, ML, and cloud-based technologies can disrupt the existing business ecosystem.


  • HDC 2019 Reflections: Hotels Are Slowly Winning The (Direct) Booking Battle

    06 September 2019
    By Andrew Sanders, VP, Travel & Hospitality North America

    HDC 2019 Reflections[1]”

    Joining forces with hospitality and travel leaders to discuss and analyze the shifts, trends, and future of our industry is one of the best ways to reinvigorate my drive to reach our fullest potential through the application of technological advancements.


  • What Is Disrupting the Insurance Industry?

    21 August 2019
    By David Warren,

    InsureTech Connect 2019

    Insurtech, digitalization, innovation… These are frequently used buzzwords by carriers, vendors, and consultants over the past few years.

    The industry is certainly trying to innovate. For instance, AM Best recently announced it will be attaching an “Innovation Score” to its coming ratings. In addition, Prudential’s acquisition of Assurance this week for $2.5bn shows that investments continue to be made. 

    Is the hype deserved? Will the new replace the old? Or, will the legacy structural issues of insurance prevent real change?

    DataArt, an independent global technology consulting and services company, decided to take an in-depth look at this subject and will be sharing its findings in a series of short articles.

    In undertaking the research, DataArt consulted a number of movers and shakers, including insurance industry leaders, cutting-edge technology vendors, and its own subject matter experts. The first article investigates Insurtech.


  • The Gamification of Sports: an Effective Marketing Tool or a Boondoggle?

    16 August 2019
    By Russell Karp, VP Media & Entertainment

    The Gamification of Sports an Effective Marketing Tool or a Boondoggle

    Although the concept of “gaming” has existed for a long time, the word “gamification” first gained popularity in 2010 as this pastime became deeply intertwined with technology. In the following years, the idea of applying badges, points, and leaderboards to increase engagement in marketing strategies has exploded. With an estimated 2.2 billion gamers in the world, gamification has grown into an incredibly powerful marketing tool.


  • GBTA 2019 Convention Wrap-up: The Good, The Bad, And The Exciting Future Of Our Industry

    16 August 2019
    By Andrew Sanders, VP, Travel & Hospitality North America

    GBTA 2019 Convention Wrap-up The Good, The Bad, And The Exciting Future Of Our Industry

    The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) concluded the 51st year of its hotly-anticipated annual convention last week in Chicago. With over 7,000 attendees enjoying the mild summer weather in Illinois, the event featured a range of discussions led by business leaders and celebrities plus more than 170 educational sessions about disruptive technology-driven products and services in the travel and hospitality industries.


  • Outsourcing as a Journey

    15 August 2019
    By Sebastian Bucur, Security and Software Consultant

    Outsourcing as a Journey_2.”

    In our industry, it is very common to see software development compared with building a house. There are many parallels between the two but in reality, they are quite different. Having spent the last 21 years in the trade, DataArt can attest to the fact that a software project is more like a journey and that technology consulting companies are means to an end rather than the end in itself. One may wonder how it can be a journey when there is a deliverable at the end, which is the actual piece of software.


  • Big Data Holding Back Healthcare and Pushing Life Sciences Forward: Interview with Dan Piekarz

    07 August 2019
    By Daniel Piekarz, Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice at DataArt,

    Big Data Holding Back Healthcare and Pushing Life Sciences Forward”

    What is the future of electronic health records? What has to change for doctors to see them as a benefit rather than a distraction? Daniel Piekarz, SVP, Head of Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice at DataArt, talks about healthcare trends and technologies that have the potential to lower healthcare costs.