• Do You Speak DDEX? How To Manage Music Rights in User-Generated Content

    13 October 2018
    By Sergey Bludov, SVP Media & Entertainment


    “We will eventually see a whole new level of user generated content using licensed music and that can become a much bigger part of the business. Working with fully licensed players in the UGC space will mean that we can create better experiences for music fans and fairly pay rights holders.” — Ole Obermann, Chief Digital Officer and Executive Vice President of Business Development at Warner Music Group.


  • Place Your Bets: Industries Most Likely to Score Big In Sports Gambling

    10 October 2018
    By Russell Karp, VP Media & Entertainment


    While sports enthusiasts living in Nevada have enjoyed wagering on their favorite teams for years, fans in the rest of the United States were unable to take part in the fun.

    That is, until now.


  • Cloud Migration: FAQ

    01 October 2018
    By Yuri Gubin, Solutions consultant, cloud expert


    The issue of cloud migration and cloud operations is tricky. There are numerous questions that arise from the idea of moving to the cloud. We have addressed some of these questions here and hope that this paper will help you better understand the issues surrounding cloud computing.


  • NLS Days – Retrospective

    24 September 2018
    By Anni Tabagua, Marketing Coordinator


    Nordic Life Sciences Days is the biggest Nordic partnering conference that took place this September and has made an impression we’d like to share.


  • What’s Next for Streaming? The Convergence with Live Music

    25 May 2018
    By Sergey Bludov, SVP Media & Entertainment

    streaming-convergence-with-live-music (1)

    “There’s a reason music never worked on TV. It’s a community experience. Now, if you turn a passive viewer into an active viewer that feels like they’re connecting with people, now we’ve created the music community online.” – Allen Sanford, LiveList co-founder and CEO.


  • Advantages and Pitfalls of Outsourcing Your Software Development

    16 May 2018
    By Andrew Sanders, VP, Travel & Hospitality North America for DataArt

    Advantages and Pitfalls of Outsourcing Your Software Development

    “If there is something we can’t do more efficiently, cheaper and better than our competition, there is no sense in doing it and we should employ someone to do the better work for us.” – Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company.


  • Count the Streams: Understanding Video Streaming Analytics

    15 May 2018
    By Sergey Bludov, SVP Media & Entertainment


    As the popularity of video streaming rises exponentially, media companies can utilize analytics tools to better understand their audience and boost engagement in profound ways.


  • conhIT Afterthoughts

    14 May 2018
    By Anni Tabagua, Marketing Coordinator

    conhIT 2018 – Afterthoughts (1)

    conhIT – Connecting Healthcare IT, the leading digital health event in Europe, which took place from 17-19 April in Berlin, left us with many impressions that we’d like to share.


  • Digital Transformation Strategy for Media: Essential Technologies to Consider

    11 April 2018
    By Sergey Bludov, SVP Media & Entertainment

    digital-transformation-strategy-media-technologies (1)

    Although virtually everyone agrees that the media & entertainment industry is undergoing a digital transformation, a challenge lies in determining the specific technical areas to address during the process.


  • Merging Print With Digital: 5 Exciting Technologies You Probably Don’t Know About

    06 April 2018
    By Sergey Bludov, SVP Media & Entertainment


    When walking into any airport, park, or cafe, the notion that print is dead appears to be absurd. Traditional print media is still present almost everywhere I go, from newspapers to magazines and books made out of—that’s right—paper!