Control your Philips Hue by Google Glass via DeviceHive

20 February 2014
By Alexey Rybakov, Senior Engineer, Technical Evangelist

As you may know, Philips Hue is one of the first consumer grade Wi-Fi connected light bulbs. With very little effort it is possible to control brightness, change the color, and turn the light on and off.

For $199 you can get three Hue bulbs with a network bridge. After connecting the bridge to a wireless router with an Ethernet cable, you can set up the lights and control them using your iOS or Android smartphone.

Controlling your lights with your smartphone is awesome, but there is one drawback: while your light switch is always in the same place, your smartphone might not be within reach of your hand. You may have to reach out for it, possibly unlock, open the app and finally change the light settings… On the other hand, Google Glass is a wearable device, which means there is a high chance you are already wearing it, and you can connect with your lighting control app with a few taps.

Besides consumer grade features, Hue offers a friendly Application Programming Interface (API) to control the lights. Our team took this to the next level and wrote an app that connects Philips Hue to Google Glass via the open source framework, DeviceHive!

DeviceHive serves as an integration layer that allows Glass to talk to the Hue bridge via DeviceHive’s RESTful protocol and Gateway agent. This communication can be visualized as follows:

To try it yourself, download the full source code from here.

For sure, it’s not the only way to connect Glass to Hue, so we’ll be glad to hear your responses and about your experiences as well.

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