• Strata+Hadoop World NYC 2015 Reflections

    06 October 2015
    By Artyom Astafurov, Chief Innovation Officer at DataArt

    Machine learning, cloud, visualization, Hadoop, spark, data science, scalability, analytics, terabytes, petabytes, faster, bigger, more secure, simply better. The kind of a merry-go-round that keeps spinning in your head after you spend three days on the exhibit floor at Strata+Hadoop conference. And lots of elephants, of course.


  • Microsoft Azure Message Exchange or Tips for Successful Cloud Communication

    24 July 2015
    By Anastasia Belokurova, .NET Developer,

    My acquaintance with the Azure cloud began with some practice in DataArt. On the third month of my training our colleague, Anton Boyko, visited my mentor, Dmitry Andrusenko, and told him that he needed someone for a small demonstration project. That’s how I met him.

    Anton is an enthusiastic and an active person with the ability to inspire people with ideas. My internship ended a long time ago, and Anton left DataArt soon after I finished it. But he still expresses an interest promotes Microsoft Azure, often consults us on Azure technologies, and invites us to take part in different events. For example, he holds different workshops, trainings, and meeting dedicated to the cloud. Not so long ago in Kiev, the first Ukrainian Azure Community was created.


  • These days I work together with many top-notch developers, dealing with very different projects, solutions and applications (not only with SCOM management packs :)). And what I like most of all about being in this very diverse community is the variety of questions whose folks bring onto the table. Here is the most recent one:

    Can we store configuration information for our application in AD? If yes, then how?