• Those who spend a lot of time at conferences, forums, and professional exhibitions know how unreliable a link during all events can be – wifi connections become virtually impossible. The reasons are well-known: big crowds of people, lots of devices, and a limited access channel. Frequent interruptions, inability to connect, prolonged delays are the unfortunate consequences of this. To show demos when a link is overloaded is a difficult task that requires a lot of patience.

    After several IT-exhibitions we decided to optimize a protocol to work under such uncomfortable and ineffective conditions, when the data required is too big and the channel too small. If there is no possibility to increase the channel or to use a multiplicity of channels, we should reduce the channel’s load.


  • DeviceHive and the Dancing Light

    20 March 2013
    By Sergey Polichnoy, Senior Developer

    DeviceHive — an open platform designed to enable messaging between smart devices and client applications. It allows you to implement solutions to exchange information in a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) network. With an open cloud API (Application Programming Interface), an administrative portal, and a set of components, including protocols and libraries, you can manage devices remotely regardless of your network configuration.