• Outsourcing as a Journey

    15 August 2019
    By Sebastian Bucur, Security and Software Consultant

    Outsourcing as a Journey_2.”

    In our industry, it is very common to see software development compared with building a house. There are many parallels between the two but in reality, they are quite different. Having spent the last 21 years in the trade, DataArt can attest to the fact that a software project is more like a journey and that technology consulting companies are means to an end rather than the end in itself. One may wonder how it can be a journey when there is a deliverable at the end, which is the actual piece of software.


  • Where to Find Good Developers?

    26 July 2019
    By Sebastian Bucur, Security and Software Consultant

    Where to find good developers”

    While a talented developer can come from anywhere in the world, we want to find the best source of good developers that will serve as a rule rather than an exception.

    In this article, I would like to present four main types of outsourcing businesses categorized by size. We’ll consider the pros and cons for each with impartiality, calling a spade a spade.

    First, let us define in broad terms what it means to be ‘a good developer.’  In my opinion, a good software development professional is likely to have a degree in computing, IT or math as well as real experience, and continually seeks to gain skills and knowledge.


  • DataArt Sells Time

    17 May 2019
    By Sebastian Bucur, Security and Software Consultant

    DataArt sells time

    DataArt is in the business of selling time to clients, time-to-market specifically. Let me explain how.

    Time is an invisible resource that is part of each software project. Most of us think that we manage this asset just by having an established deadline. I’m afraid that is just the upper limit of using this valuable and precious resource.


  • Seven Ways to Secure Your Cloud Data

    17 April 2019
    By Sebastian Bucur, Security and Software Consultant

    Seven Ways to Secure Your Cloud Data_blog

    There are three misconceptions about the cloud. First, that it is secure by default; second, that you can migrate to it yourself; and third, that it’s water vapor.

    Cloud in itself, as an infrastructure, is very secure. If Google, Microsoft and Linux experts cannot be trusted to do a good job then all hope is lost. They can be trusted, which is why cloud is secure. The best analogy to illustrate the concept is a country’s security. Borders are secured, monitored and patrolled – yet you still have to lock your car and home inside that secure country. The same goes for the cloud: you still need passwords, encryption, a firewall, etc.