• Data Mining in Healthcare and Pharmacy

    01 October 2013
    By Maria Sytnik, Healthcare Solutions Specialist

    By managing your information you can keep everything under control. Information is the key to successful life and business. Information analysis – or data analysis – opens as many doors as you can imagine.

    As the Healthcare industry picks up momentum and interacts with a wide variety of software technologies and services, the data mining possibilities should not be overlooked. I propose we become acquainted with the data mining possibilities available to the Healthcare industry. And you can believe me; this is only the tip of the iceberg.


  • Latest Trends in Healthcare IT Solutions

    17 April 2013
    By Maria Sytnik, Healthcare Solutions Specialist

    Healthcare industry is changing rapidly in the US. Furthermore, over $4 trillion is expected to flow into the market of Healthcare IT solutions that improve patients’ outcomes. Among the most promising technologies that have already shaped Healthcare industry are EMR/EHR systems, Clinical Reporting Systems, and mHealth apps.


  • Analytics is on Top of Investment’s Priority for Healthcare

    27 March 2013
    By Maria Sytnik, Healthcare Solutions Specialist

    Healthcare sector is evolving and requires new sophisticated IT technologies.

    According to IDC survey 50% of respondent defined advanced analytics as the most important and desirable opportunity for investments, and the other half said the same about data warehousing. Healthcare care providers, clinical research centers, insurances and pharmaceutical companies have loads of “BIG” data that comes in and out and in order to use it wisely the need of structural storage and precise analytics is obvious. Business intelligence applications are in trend among insurance companies to measure risk and identify financial possibilities of their payers. Health itself goes mobile and brings even more personal info to analyze. And now every other user can benefit from automated reminders for doctor appointments with the help of a simple mobile app.