• Blockchain in Healthcare: Complex Challenges, Overshadowed by the Hype, Need to be Overcome

    07 March 2018
    By Leo Carpio, Independent Healthcare Consultant and Kirill Timofeev, Software Project Manager

    Blockchain in Healthcare Complex Challenges (1)

    Blockchain technology, the platform underpinning cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, has been touted as the “magic bullet” to solve the healthcare industry’s data interoperability and security issues and, possibly, usher in a new era of personalized medicine and scientific research. Overshadowed by the hype are the complexity and challenges involved in funding, implementing, and administrating a healthcare blockchain ecosystem. We spoke with Kirill Timofeev, DataArt’s Senior Project Manager and Lead Blockchain Expert, who provided valuable insights into the issues faced by the healthcare industry in adopting blockchain technology. Despite the uncertainty, the healthcare industry will continue to move forward with blockchain adoption.


  • To Put IP-Telephony on Rails

    05 April 2013
    By Kirill Timofeev, Software Project Manager

    How do we maintain call quality and reduce the cost of multinational calls through a useful and user-friendly interface? I’d like to present DataArt’s example of how to make a corporate telephony not only sound, but even look perfect by using the Ruby on Rails framework.


  • In 2012 we started the DataArt Ruby Competence Center to consolidate our Ruby and Ruby on Rails knowledge and make joint efforts aimed at promoting it. A group of enthusiasts took part in various themed events to spread their knowledge in the programming world. Due to their benefits, Ruby and Rails has become firmly entrenched in the project activities of the company. We even developed an ETL spider for semantic data using Ruby and Ruby on Rails.