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    Advances in technology and increased consumer expectations have caused revenue and client satisfaction for the postal and parcel industries (P&P) to drop steadily over the last ten years. For companies, prioritizing e-commerce development to meet the changing demands of their client-base has become the only logical choice. Likewise, in 2020, postal organizations need to embrace flexibility, adaptability, and creativity if they want to remain relevant.

    The traditional business model is changing, and for some businesses, it is already unrecognizable. Market players need to identify consumer and market trends early. Going forward, understanding the macro and micro needs of their customers, along with digitalizing their business, will help keep P&P afloat.


  • Long before the rise and subsequent monopoly of the banking industry within commerce, the majority of financial transactions were carried out personally between individuals.  Then, sometime in the mid 15th century, the emergence of banks began to present people with a new way to engage in financial transaction. In recent years however, it seems we are now heading back in the direction of individual personal exchange. Person to person payments are back – but not in the same way as before.

    Enter P2P, the 21st Century cattle and chicken market.