At the Recent Bankathon, Both Charities and DataArt were Winners

01 May 2015

Michael Koch, Deutsche Bank (on the left) awarding DataArt team: Steve Pscheid (in the middle) and Ilya Aristov (on the right)

Last week, in Frankfurt, a team of DataArt developers attended the Bankathon hack-a-thon event, organized by GINIand FIGO, a pair of new powerful API’s for the financial industry.

Our team emerged from the event with a killer app and a special award from Deutsche Bank.

The team spent 2 days developing Doo’Nation, an app that allows consumers to follow the money trail for any charitable donation they wish to make. The goal was to create an app that removes some of the “sketchy” from typical donations one might make on the street and digitize these transactions. Watch our app presentation on YouTube.

Charities are able to sign up to receive donations through Doo’Nation, and then anyone who downloads the app can make their donation within 3 taps.

And for customers who like task or event -oriented donations, the team made a companion wearable application.

Let’s say a customer decides to donate every time his favorite football team scores a goal. The companion app will alert the do-gooder to the goal, and allow him to donate in real-time.

While this is a really interesting app, our team also managed to showcase modern banking technologies to folks in attendance at the Bankathon.

We’re proud of the team that attended, and can’t wait until the next event. If you’d like to learn more about the event, visit

We won a special prize from Deutsche Bank and now DataArt will present our app to the clients of the bank.

More photos here

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