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Beyond Cryptocurrency

2 November 2018 | Oleg Komissarov
Beyond Cryptocurrency

The Blockchain East summit and trade show, Beyond Cryptocurrency: Exploring the Business of Blockchain,  took place in NYC this fall. DataArt has delivered dozens of blockchain solutions over the past several years, most of them for early adopters of DLT technology – start-ups and mid-size businesses.

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Alexa Voice Assistant : What the Sports Future Holds

30 October 2018 | Russell Karp

It is an undeniable fact that virtual assistants and voice-controlled devices have become a part of our life.The recently announced Alexa-Cortana partnership only reaffirms the determination of the leading technology providers to strengthen their position and gain additional market share.

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Financial Services Journey to Cloud

24 October 2018 | Matt Ambrogi
Financial Services Journey to Cloud-min

Cloud migration is underway on Wall Street. A recent Wall Street Journal article quoting Goldman Sachs research stated that 18% of computing is currently happening in a cloud environments and survey responders expect that number to reach 34% by the end of 2019.

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Do You Speak DDEX? How To Manage Music Rights in User-Generated Content

13 October 2018 | Sergey Bludov

“We will eventually see a whole new level of user generated content using licensed music and that can become a much bigger part of the business. Working with fully licensed players in the UGC space will mean that we can create better experiences for music fans and fairly pay rights holders.”  — Ole Obermann, Chief Digital Officer and Executive Vice President of Business Development at Warner Music Group.

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Place Your Bets: Industries Most Likely to Score Big In Sports Gambling

10 October 2018 | Russell Karp

While sports enthusiasts living in Nevada have enjoyed wagering on their favorite teams for years, fans in the rest of the United States were unable to take part in the fun.

That is, until now.
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On the cusp of revolutionary changes in transport

8 October 2018 | Igor Ilunin

We are seeing many eye-catching IoT initiatives in the transport sector, but we are truly still at the beginning of the changes that IoT will bring to our world, writes Igor Ilunin, head of the IoT practice .

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Cloud Migration: FAQ

1 October 2018 | Yuri Gubin

The issue of cloud migration and cloud operations is tricky. There are numerous questions that arise from the idea of moving to the cloud. We have addressed some of these questions here and hope that this paper will help you better understand the issues surrounding cloud computing.

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Tech Solution Development: Making the Most of Your 2019 Budget Planning

25 September 2018 | Andrew Sanders
Tech Solution Development Making the Most of Your 2019 Budget Planning

Effective budget planning requires a wealth of experience combined with the ability to accurately predict the forthcoming trends and advances of both our industry and technology. As your current budgeting process is conducted, there are several points to consider that illustrate the importance of including outsourced development and tech consultancy.

Technology has become increasingly intertwined with all aspects of business, leading many companies to the following question: is it best to build tech solutions in-house or to outsource development projects?

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NLS Days – Retrospective

24 September 2018 | Anni Tabagua

Nordic Life Sciences Days is the biggest Nordic partnering conference that took place this September and has made an impression we’d like to share.

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4 Essential Tips For Developing An Effective Cross-Channel Digital Strategy

28 August 2018 | Andrew Sanders
4 Essential Tips for Developing Digital Strategy

Although the concept of cross-channel marketing is relatively simple to understand — that is, providing a seamless experience across several different channels — developing an effective strategy that significantly boosts your business without breaking the bank is a highly challenging undertaking.

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