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Under the hood: Harvey’s Army app development

2 September 2015 | Artem Zhanabaev

DataArt recently announced that it would develop an application for Harvey’s Army – the UK charity that focuses on reuniting owners with lost pets. The prototype of the app was demoed on the “Surprise Surprise” show, and since then the DataArt team has been working closely with the charity clarifying the workflow, honing the design, and much more.

Let’s take a bit of a deeper look under the hood and see what is going on with the app now.

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Uber phenomenon and what makes the transportation industry to change its face?

17 August 2015 | Darya Matveeva

San Francisco - based ride-sharing app Uber is rapidly growing and changing the surface of the industry. The app that "connects dots" creates lots of opportunities: on the one hand it gives people one more transportation option, and on the other hand it makes possible for occasional drivers to boost their income.

However, Uber has been facing legal issues in several countries where the main problem is a growing grudge of taxi drivers and authorities. Unprecedented power Uber has demonstrated in the battle with New York Major, Bill de Blasio, where the sides agreed not to cap for-hire vehicle company growth in New York. But in Germany Uber services have been outlawed as there are rules such as a ban on car-hire services accepting a new order while a passenger is in the vehicle, severely hamper Uber’s ability to match drivers with customers.

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Microsoft Azure Message Exchange or Tips for Successful Cloud Communication

24 July 2015 | Anastasia Belokurova

My acquaintance with the Azure cloud began with some practice in DataArt. On the third month of my training our colleague, Anton Boyko, visited my mentor, Dmitry Andrusenko, and told him that he needed someone for a small demonstration project. That’s how I met him.

Anton is an enthusiastic and an active person with the ability to inspire people with ideas. My internship ended a long time ago, and Anton left DataArt soon after I finished it. But he still expresses an interest promotes Microsoft Azure, often consults us on Azure technologies, and invites us to take part in different events. For example, he holds different workshops, trainings, and meeting dedicated to the cloud. Not so long ago in Kiev, the first Ukrainian Azure Community was created.

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DeviceHive Releases Version 2.0

23 June 2015 | Artyom Astafurov

We are proud to announce DeviceHive 2.0: faster, friendlier, more functional IoT Data Platform with a rich IoT Gateway framework. Get in touch with us if you want to learn more. Here are some of the key features included in this release.

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Extending Active Directory Schema to Store Application Configuration (+PowerShell Examples)

19 May 2015 | Oleg Kapustin

These days I work together with many top-notch developers, dealing with very different projects, solutions and applications (not only with SCOM management packs :)). And what I like most of all about being in this very diverse community is the variety of questions whose folks bring onto the table. Here is the most recent one:

Can we store configuration information for our application in AD? If yes, then how?

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Smart watch will win the market, and here's why

15 May 2015 | Igor Kozhurenko

The launch of Apple Watch has meant that wearable technologies – and smart watches in particular – are getting a lot of attention. Just think about this; according to Juniper research, over 70M fitness wearable devices are expected to be in use worldwide by 2018, up from 19M in 2014. On top of that, Business Insider estimates that the smart watch will be the leading product category on the wearable market and will account for 59% of total wearable device shipments this year, expanding to just over 70% of shipments by 2019.

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DataArt supported Tnooz Appy Hour

14 May 2015 | admin

DataArt exhibited for the first time at the Phocuswright Europe Conference, 12-14th May, in Dublin, a key travel event where more than 400 senior travel industry leaders get together to discuss the issues, challenges, and trends that are driving the business across travel and hospitality.

The Tnooz Appy Hour, a lively cocktail party and a key feature at the Phocuswright conference, was once again supported by DataArt. The reception gathered more than 100 senior travel professionals including representatives from Blacklane, Skyscanner, Travelport, TrustYou,  Criteo, Triometric, BCD Travel, Travelport, Triptease, Airhelp and Sabre among others.  Everyone had an opportunity to discuss ideas and thoughts presented during the day, in a more informal way.

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At the Recent Bankathon, Both Charities and DataArt were Winners

1 May 2015 | Steve Pscheid

Michael Koch, Deutsche Bank (on the left) awarding DataArt team: Steve Pscheid (in the middle) and Ilya Aristov (on the right)

Last week, in Frankfurt, a team of DataArt developers attended the Bankathon hack-a-thon event, organized by GINIand FIGO, a pair of new powerful API’s for the financial industry.

Our team emerged from the event with a killer app and a special award from Deutsche Bank.

The team spent 2 days developing Doo’Nation, an app that allows consumers to follow the money trail for any charitable donation they wish to make. The goal was to create an app that removes some of the “sketchy” from typical donations one might make on the street and digitize these transactions. Watch our app presentation on YouTube.

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DataArt to Present Proof of Concept with its RTB Demo Kit

28 April 2015 | Gregory Gor

Programmatic trading, which is the actual technology behind real time bidding processes, has been around for some time, since the beginning of the 21st century when the first advertising exchanges began to emerge. While the initial development of ad exchanges was neither easy nor inexpensive, the appearance of these exchanges on the global market heralded an era of a stock exchange-like environment in the marketing and advertising industry.

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Open Source Predictive Maintenance for Industrial IoT

24 April 2015 | Artyom Astafurov

The industrial Internet of Things (IoT) enables businesses to predict when industrial equipment is going to fail, so that action can be taken beforehand. A leader in this space, DataArt, developed one of the first IoT and big data open sourced platforms, DeviceHive, and published on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

DataArt has collaborated with Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, as well asMicrosoft

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