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Messaging, Chatbots and Omni-Channel Marketing: Will Hotels Rely More On Technology Than Humans for Guest Service in the Near Future?

23 January 2018 | Andrew Sanders
Messaging, Chatbots and Omni-Channel Marketing

By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human.” - Gartner Predicts

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2017 Trends in Media & Entertainment: Part 2

21 December 2017 | Sergey Bludov
2017 Trends in Media & Entertainment Part 2

"The history of music is the history of technology." - R. Luke DuBois, renowned composer, programmer, academic, and new media artist.

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2017 Trends in Media & Entertainment: What Do They Mean for the Future?

11 December 2017 | Sergey Bludov
2017 Trends in Media & Entertainment What Do They Mean for the Future

While looking back at the past year, one thing becomes crystal clear: streaming has grown massively in 2017 and will continue to expand rapidly in 2018 and beyond. In fact, streaming has become the primary revenue driver for both music and video, thereby radically changing the way people consume content and profoundly altering the manner in which the industry and artists deliver media to fans.

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Blockchain for Enterprises. From Hype to Production

6 December 2017 | Alexander Makeyenkov

The joint blockchain event hosted by zeb and DataArt emphasized that a radical shift in attitude towards innovation, reliance on new partnership models and fearless experimentation are the key factors for successful implementation of real world blockchain solutions.

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Beyond the TV: Why You Should Get Your Audience Talking with a Chatbot

28 November 2017 | Sergey Bludov
Beyond the TV Get Your Audience Talking to a Chatbot (1)

Television has undergone profound changes over the past 80 years since its inception. And although the number of households with TVs increased steadily during most of this time, the past 5 or so years have seen a growing number of consumers "cord-cutting" by making the switch from traditional cable companies to watching videos online via mobile phones or through streaming services.

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Wearable Technologies For Smart Environments

15 November 2017 | Igor Ilunin
Wearable Technologies

As the Internet of Things (IoT) rapidly expands throughout our world, the possibilities for improvements to our daily lives increases exponentially. The growing popularity of wearable devices is an ideal complement to this evolution, carrying the potential to interact with smart environments in a multitude of exciting and highly valuable ways.

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Privacy, security concerns grow for wearables

31 October 2017 | Igor Ilunin

As wearable devices gain increased prevalence in our societies, privacy and security concerns must be addressed with sophisticated solutions to keep vital business and consumer information safe from malicious exploitation.

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Corporate Travel Policy Alive and Kicking as Seen at DataArt’s Question Time Event in New York City

30 October 2017 | Charlotte Lamp Davies

Building on the continuing success of organizing industry debates, DataArt hosted its 7th annual Question Time Event, in New York City on October 26, 2017. Titled “Is Corporate Travel Policy Dead?” the evening brought together senior travel executives for an open debate on the topic of business travel policy.

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Wearable Technology Driving Innovation in Business

26 October 2017 | Igor Ilunin

One of the most powerful applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) is wearable technology, carrying the potential to positively transform the way many sectors conduct business.

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Is corporate policy dead?

24 October 2017 | Charlotte Lamp Davies

“Corporate travel policy is more a function of corporate culture than anything. But the media, industry researchers and pundits can't help but make generalizations that can impact the corporate mindset. Are the policy haters harmful to corporate travel management? Where do incentives fit? To Uber, to Airbnb, or not?”

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