4 Essential Tips For Developing An Effective Cross-Channel Digital Strategy

4 Essential Tips for Developing Digital Strategy

Although the concept of cross-channel marketing is relatively simple to understand — that is, providing a seamless experience across several different channels — developing an effective strategy that significantly boosts your business without breaking the bank is a highly challenging undertaking.

Digital marketing for hoteliers and software vendors is increasing in both complexity and importance. With new channels emerging at a rapid pace, knowing where and how to focus your efforts can leave even seasoned experts scratching their heads in uncertainty. And while a malleable approach is an essential component of keeping up with the ever-changing landscape, coming out of the gate with an impeccable methodology can make a massive difference in the success of your brand.

Here are four integral pieces of the puzzle to consider when developing a powerful cross-channel marketing strategy:

1. Increase Visibility

The modern consumer switches between devices and channels swiftly. Research conducted by Marketing Week found that people making a purchase use an average of approximately six touch-points while making their decision, whereas 15 years ago the average number of touch-points was two. This massive ecosystem change results in marketers being tasked with examining the multitude of channel options while using a fully-integrated tech stack. By utilizing CRM software, retargeting platforms and automated marketing solutions, each interaction with a customer can be tracked across all channels and devices.

2. Analyze Data

If you can't measure the data, you can't succeed in cross-channel marketing. Using advanced analytical tools will provide an incredibly fine-tuned picture of the impact of your marketing campaigns. Which devices do your customers use most often? Which channels reach interested consumers the fastest? How do people react to your messaging across various platforms? The accurate measurement and analysis of the plethora of available data is one of the vital keys to ensuring a positive ROI for your marketing efforts.

3. Improve Loyalty

We all want to create brand loyalty, but how can this be accomplished within the vast quantity of digital marketing noise bombarding today's consumers? Loyalty is much more likely to occur when a customer engages with a brand on a regular basis. And the primary reason is consistency in messaging. As opposed to multi-channel marketing, which involves approaching each platform in different ways, a cross-channel strategy houses all platforms under a single, unified umbrella, thereby setting the stage for a consistent messaging voice to inspire long-term brand loyalty.

4. Create A Personalized Experience

The previous section on brand loyalty leads into creating a personalized experience, as today's customers expect a high level of engagement that can be difficult for brands to produce. However, it's vital to work towards meeting and eventually exceeding the expectations of consumers to stand above the competition. A global research survey by SDL found that 90% of customers expect consistent interactions across all channels, while a study by Zendesk found that 87% of consumers believe brands should put more effort into providing a seamless experience. If you're not providing a personalized, consistent, and seamless customer journey, you may be missing out on a significant portion of the value that exists in effective digital marketing.

We live in a digital world. While remaining relevant and standing above the crowds and noise is an increasingly challenging prospect, brands who develop a sophisticated cross-channel marketing strategy carry the potential to reap the rewards of the complex digital landscape.

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