• Developing a Sports Betting Platform: Buy vs Build

    15 July 2019
    By Russell Karp, VP Media & Entertainment


    The explosive growth of sports betting continues to rise following last year’s U.S. Supreme Court decision to strike down a federal ban on wagering.

    While the broadcasting and sports industries buzz with excitement, how large will the betting market get? Although predictions vary, they all indicate that the increase in gross gaming revenue derived from sports betting shows no signs of slowing down, with Bank of America Merrill Lynch analyst Shaun Kelley stating his expectation for the current size of $200 million to skyrocket to $5-10 billion over the next five years.


  • Digital Transformation by Toyota North America: Lessons Learned

    03 July 2019
    By Yaroslav Buga, Business Development Engagement Manager at DataArt

    Digital Transformation by Toyota North America Lessons Learned”

    In my previous post, I described digital transformation insights by Alan Trefler, Pega CEO, and Jeanne Ross, director of the MIT Center for Information Systems Research (CISR).


  • Advisor to the Media & Entertainment practice at DataArt, Micah Green: “Globalization is One of the Trends Shaping Media and Entertainment”

    Is globalization good for companies and content creators? On the one hand, it is, because everyone is free to create the content he or she wants or needs. On the other hand, just imagine the number of competitors who are doing the same. And there are consumers whose available time is remaining static while the amount of content and ways to transmit that content are exploding. What should companies and content creators do? Read one proposed solution in the following interview with Micah Green.


  • What to Do if You Want Your Digital Transformation to Fail

    Dmitry Bagrov, UK Managing Director of DataArt, spoke earlier this month at an event hosted by the Digital Leadership Forum. The event brought together over 100 digital leaders to explore the topic, “Digital Transformation Success Stories.”


  • PegaWorld 2019: Digital Transformation Insights by Yaroslav Buga

    25 June 2019
    By Yaroslav Buga, Business Development Engagement Manager at DataArt

    Looking back at DMEA_1

    This month I attended PegaWorld 2019, a technology conference hosted in Lаs Vegas by the digital transformation software company Pega. Highlights included talks by Alan Trefler, Pega CEO, and Jeanne Ross, director of the MIT Center for Information Systems Research (CISR).


  • Sabre Red 360 and Workflow Automation

    24 June 2019
    By Alexander Shchedrin, VP, Strategic Services

    Sabre Red 360 and Workflow Automation

    Now is the time to consider migrating from Sabre Scribe Scripts to Sabre Red Apps

    Sabre announced Sabre Red 360 in February 2019 and is now actively rolling it out to their partner agencies and TMCs.


  • Blockchain Winter: The Story Behind the Hype

    05 June 2019
    By Mila Smischuk, Marketing Coordinator, Digital Transformation

    Blockchain Winter The Story Behind the Hype

    On May 29-30, DataArt, a global technology consultancy that designs, develops, and supports unique software solutions, exhibited and spoke at the CIO Summit in Chicago.


  • DataArt Sells Time

    17 May 2019
    By Sebastian Bucur, Security and Software Consultant

    DataArt sells time

    DataArt is in the business of selling time to clients, time-to-market specifically. Let me explain how.

    Time is an invisible resource that is part of each software project. Most of us think that we manage this asset just by having an established deadline. I’m afraid that is just the upper limit of using this valuable and precious resource.


  • DMEA in retrospect

    22 April 2019
    By Anni Tabagua, Marketing Coordinator

    Looking back at DMEA_1

    DMEA, formerly known as conhIT, the leading digital health event in Europe, took place on 9-11 April in Berlin. DataArt participated as an exhibitor for the very first time.

    Occupying Germany’s biggest exhibition center at Messe Berlin, DMEA exceeded all expectations in terms of turnout, topics covered, workshops and keynote addresses, including a speech by Jens Spahn, Germany’s Minister of Health. Spahn made an appeal for an increase in the pace of development for digital health solutions. The three-day convention attracted around 10,800 visitors, 570 exhibitors and 350 speakers, and served as a platform for digital healthcare.


  • Transforming Organizations with Cloud-Native Development

    18 April 2019
    By Cliff Moyce, Chairman of Advisory Board, Finance Practice


    Adopting cloud-native development increases:

    • speed of software development and deployment
    • productivity of teams doing systems development, systems support and IT operations, and
    • ability to use leading-edge, cloud-native third-party services