• Looking Back at HACKNEXT

    21 March 2019
    By admin

    Hacknext 2019 Wrap-up (002)

    From 7 to 9 March, DataArt co-hosted the second HACKNEXT insurance hackathon, where 110 hackers in twenty teams with pioneering digital solutions for the insurance industry competed for first place. The ideas developed ranged from smart contract assistants and well-structured retirement visualization to remarkable bank assurance solutions. Team Xmen, with a micropayment application for retirement, won the 10,000 Euro prize. Workshops and lectures for around 50 non-programming visitors rounded out the insurance hackathon.


  • How Artificial Intelligence Is Redefining The Video Industry

    15 March 2019
    By Max Kalmykov, VP, Media & Entertainment at DataArt

    How Artificial Intelligence Is Redefining The Video Industry

    Although many people hear the term “artificial intelligence” and immediately picture human-like robots and self-driving cars roaming our communities, AI technology is being implemented in an increasingly expansive range of fields. The video sector is already experimenting with utilizing AI in virtually all aspects of the business, thereby providing an initial glimpse into the potential for a radically different future for the entire industry.


  • HEDNA 2019 Wrap-up: Inspirational Insights

    12 February 2019
    By Andrew Sanders, VP, Travel & Hospitality North America


    The HEDNA 2019 agenda illustrated the incredible potential for a meeting of the top minds in the hospitality industry, and the conference certainly didn’t disappoint.


  • smart-park

    Finding a parking spot can be a nightmare. For locals and tourists alike, parking poses a major challenge in every city, commonly resulting in tremendously frustrating drives around the block over-and-over again searching for somewhere to leave their car.


  • The Future of Micropayments How the NBA’s Latest Initiative Affects Spor...

    The National Basketball Association kicked off its 73rd season with the first two games on October 16th. But it made big news in the preseason as the NBA and Turner Broadcasting officially confirmed that fans would be able to purchase a portion of live games to watch on Turner’s B/R Live streaming service, nba.com, and the NBA app.


  • Digital Transformation Conference, London: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    04 December 2018
    By Dmitry Bagrov, Senior Vice President of European Business, Head of London Office


    Throughout the year, the DataArt team participates in various tech industry events. Frequently, we are asked to speak at them, sharing our 21-years of experience in digital transformation programs for clients from finance, retail, healthcare, travel and logistics and beyond.


  • The Integration of Smart Parking with Automated Technologies

    If you’re a city dweller, you know that parking can be a nightmare. As if the traffic congestion wasn’t enough of an obstacle for arriving at your appointment on time, finding a suitable place to leave your car sometimes takes as long as the commute itself. And with the population of cities continuing to expand, this problem will only get worse without a new approach to this major dilemma.


  • Making Music Social: What Drives Streaming Revenues

    14 November 2018
    By Sergey Bludov, SVP Media & Entertainment


    Following many years of declining revenues, the music industry has finally started growing exponentially, with consumption in the first half of 2018 reaching the highest peak we’ve seen for the past 15 years.


  • Beyond Cryptocurrency

    02 November 2018
    By Oleg Komissarov, Principal Consultant, Finance Practice.

    Beyond Cryptocurrency

    The Blockchain East summit and trade show, Beyond Cryptocurrency: Exploring the Business of Blockchain,  took place in NYC this fall. DataArt has delivered dozens of blockchain solutions over the past several years, most of them for early adopters of DLT technology – start-ups and mid-size businesses.


  • Alexa Voice Assistant : What the Sports Future Holds

    30 October 2018
    By Russell Karp, VP Media & Entertainment


    It is an undeniable fact that virtual assistants and voice-controlled devices have become a part of our life.The recently announced Alexa-Cortana partnership only reaffirms the determination of the leading technology providers to strengthen their position and gain additional market share.