• Utilizing Blockchain Technology to Improve Music Copyright Management

    24 April 2017
    By Sergey Bludov, SVP Media & Entertainment

    Improve Music Copyright

    As the music industry adopts new technological solutions, the tracking and distribution of song usage continue to pose significant challenges, with a lack of transparency and accuracy that can result in copyright owners missing out on royalty payments from various mediums.


  • A Peek Into Music Industry “Windowing”

    19 April 2017
    By Sergey Bludov, SVP Media & Entertainment

    A Peek Into Music Industry Windowing

    Last week the news broke that Spotify had entered into a multi-year global license agreement with Universal Music Group (UMG) to provide the record label’s artists with access to a “flexible release policy” for their albums. This sure generated a lot of chatter in the music community.


  • This project aims to provide the ability to bring Alexa to any Linux device including embedded systems like Raspberry Pi boards. The binary release is packed into a snap package, which is a perfect way to deliver this project.

    Short instructions to run it with snap.

  • Flourish or Fail? The Future of Smart Contracts in the Music Industry

    10 April 2017
    By Sergey Bludov, SVP Media & Entertainment

    The Future of Smart Contracts in the Music Industry

    What if we could replace antiquated physical contracts execution to fit with the new digital music age and real-time commerce? Well, today we can and the technology is known as smart contracts. Just as the blockchain has emerged to claim its place as the new financial instrument of the future, smart contracts have become an equally hot topic. Electronic contracts, or smart contracts, between labels, distributors, and artists, can reshape the industry to ensure transaction and payment efficiency as well as increased transparency. Smart contracts are primarily a computer program whereby all parties can agree to the contract electronically, and it can also be enforced electronically. This can be achieved through the introduction of blockchain technology. In the case of an executed smart contract, the blockchain would keep track of the ownership rights ensuring that the proper parties are paid in accordance with their smart contact. The more sophisticated the code, the more automated, self-executing, and “smarter” the contract.


    • Security, ease of use, speed and data are driving technology spending in travel and hospitality.
    • Providing the same, great experience on all devices core for development in 2017.
    • Blockchain’s potential is clear – but whether it can work for the travel industry is still in question.


  • SXSW: When All Roads Lead to Austin

    23 March 2017
    By Elena Seregina, Marketing Manager

    Last week, the DataArt Media & Entertainment team flew to Austin, TX, to take part in what is undoubtedly the biggest event the industry has to offer – South by Southwest (SXSW) – where both newcomers and leaders of the industry engage in conference sessions, a trade show, a start-up incubator, and of course, professional networking.


  • Albums, Singles or Playlists? How Consumption Patterns are Changing

    17 March 2017
    By Sergey Bludov, SVP Media & Entertainment


    We are in an age where music consumption patterns are changing. Just as any other aspect of the music business, they follow the evolution of the industry based on the consumer behavior. Singles once were the driving force behind record sales, until cassettes and later CDs gave the pedestal to Albums. The digital revolution brought yet another change not just to how music is created and distributed but to how it is consumed. And the current patterns are not as clear cut as their predecessors.


  • Too big to miss and too informative to forget!

    14 March 2017
    By Khrystyna Kovtun, Marketing Manager

    The moment the DataArt team entered the Orange County Convention Center, they got a feeling that the conference had no borders and boundaries in size and length. If you have never visited HIMSS, it is like nothing you have ever experienced before in a tradeshow. More than 40,000 health IT professionals, clinicians, executives, and vendors from around the world came to Orlando, FL, as participants of this industry-leading conference. This biggest educational event appears to be a great place to find out about novelties in the healthcare sector and connect with peers.


  • Will AI Take Over Musicians Jobs?

    13 March 2017
    By Sergey Bludov, SVP Media & Entertainment

    Is the future destined to be a vast wasteland of musicians cast aside with artificial intelligence (AI) and bots taking over control of the artistry of composing music?


  • Have the Tables Turned? The Rise of Vinyl or Fall of the Downloads?

    06 March 2017
    By Sergey Bludov, SVP Media & Entertainment


    The tables have turned with a revival of interest in vinyl records following a decade of digital music dominance. Whether through efforts made by musical purists, trendsetting nostalgic hipsters or initiatives such as Record Store Day, the LP resurgence appears to be a big hit as sales of LPs, also called vinyl and records, continued an 11-year upward trend, reaching sales of 13 million in 2016 – the largest number since 1991.  Some of this recent growth has been attributed to the deaths of legendary music luminaries, with fans looking to buy their music in its original format to recreate what it would have been like when these albums were first released. However, today’s biggest artists are embracing vinyl as well. Taylor Swift put out an LP version of her hit “1989” and Justin Bieber released a 12-inch picture record for his single “Purpose”.