DeviceHive Releases Version 2.0

23 June 2015
By Artyom Astafurov, M2M/IoT Practice Leader

We are proud to announce DeviceHive 2.0: faster, friendlier, more functional IoT Data Platform with a rich IoT Gateway framework. Get in touch with us if you want to learn more. Here are some of the key features included in this release.

Cloud Scalability

With its state of the art Lambda-architecture, allowing it to linearly increase capacity, support more devices, and increase system throughput by simply adding extra DeviceHive application nodes, a message bus (Apache Kafka), and storage (Cassandra) nodes.

Real Time and Batch Processing

The DeviceHive cloud platform comes with Apache Spark and Spark Streaming support, which means you can run batch analytics and machine learning on top of your device data, as well implement real time event processing.

Microsoft Azure, AWS or OpenStack

Our cloud platform can run on both public and private clouds. With its easy to use deployment and orchestration tool, powered by Juju, you can get your device server up and running in minutes.

IoT Framework for Ubuntu Snappy Core

We’ve been working with Canonical/Ubuntu to turn embedded Linux into a modular IoT platform, giving you the tools to connect your applications to a DeviceHive cloud, and adaptors to connect with low-level hardware and proximal networks. Choose what types of devices you want to bridge into the cloud and build your gateway with Ubuntu Snappy Core and DeviceHive IoT frameworks.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE or Bluetooth Smart) Support

Fascinated by industry adoption of BLE, we’ve spent a lot of time studying it and developing the best practices for building IoT solutions with BLE devices. BLE is a first class citizen in DeviceHive and we support it in our Linux and Android gateways. Support for iOS is coming soon. This allows you connect any existing BLE device to the cloud without changing device firmware.

DeviceHive Speaks AllJoyn

We are proud to announce DeviceHive has becoming a member of AllSeen Alliance. We’ve been closely working with the alliance in the past months to provide cloud connectivity for AllJoyn devices and also bridge 3rd party protocols into AllJoyn expanding the ecosystem of supported devices. AllJoyn support comes out of the box and can be customized for various integration scenarios.

Build IoT with DataArt

Any tool is good as long as it’s being used right. With support from DataArt, a world leading technology consulting company, you can take your IoT solution to the next level and customize DeviceHive to suite your business and technology needs. Ask DataArt’s consultants anything you would like to learn about IoT or DeviceHive:

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