DataArt’s DeviceHive at AT&T Hackathon in Vegas!

15 October 2014
By Artyom Astafurov, M2M/IoT Practice Leader

Getting an invitation from AT&T to join the Hackathon as API sponsor was both luck and a good chance to present DeviceHive an IoT community. We spent several days polishing up our Github docs and shipping our educational platforms to Vegas, and these exciting 24 hours of the hackathon were absolutely worth it! Recently hackathons started to change from pure software/API to Hardware and IoT, and AT&T’s is not an exception. Our team decided to show our newly made hardware educational platforms with Arduino YUN we’d wrote about this summer, and to provide DeviceHive tools to Hackathon participants so they stay productive, and shift their focus to innovative solutions rather than spending time on plumbing.

With a start of 48 teams, 16 were admitted to the Final, and two finalists were using DeviceHive for their projects:

  • Home security: suspicious activity monitoring around the house based on MAC addresses of un-assiciated wifi devices. If the pattern sets of an alert, it will be dispatched to the cloud using DeviceHive.
  • Connected car: connected child safety solution.

It was an unforgettable experience! Amazing opportunity to stand behind the developers’ back and watch them use DeviceHive code and hardware platform. Some pictures from the Hackathon (of tonnes we’d made)

Блог DataArt, Октябрь 2014, Блог DataArt, Октябрь 2014,
Блог DataArt, Октябрь 2014, Блог DataArt, Октябрь 2014,

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