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    What is video streaming?
    Why is video streaming important?
    What are the video streaming components?
    What is the present state of video streaming?
    Why are there so many technologies and what are the core problems with the video streaming?
    What are the latest trends in video streaming?

    What is video streaming?

    Video streaming is a set of technologies behind YouTube videos playback, real-time video chats in Skype and online broadcasting of your favorite team match. With some limitations even a TV program, say, from 50 years ago, could have been referred to as video streaming, even though it was not digital and, of course, non­interactive.


  • 9 Usability Testing Tools: Detailed Review

    02 September 2014
    By Olga Azimbaeva, Business Analyst

    In the hectic world of quickly evolving technologies and incredibly high competition between online businesses, success often depends on the convenience of web interfac-es. Easy-to-use (“usable”) websites have higher conversion ratios and thus generate more revenue.


  • Agile Industry Events Are Still Relevant and Here’s Why

    22 August 2014
    By Ekaterina Shalapanova, Project Manager

    This morning I was discussing with colleagues the reasons behind why industry experts choose to attend or not attend Agile community events and uncovered three main positions:

    1. “Yes, I need knowledge and need to learn from other peoples’ experiences.”
    2. “No, I’m too mature to listen to obvious things.”
    3. ”No, your Agile doesn’t work at all.”

    I fall into the first group, and I hope that those of my peers who recently attended Agile2014 share this same sentiment. It’s a shame I couldn’t attend this year because it’s my personal opinion that the world is too big and complicated to discard anyone else’s experiences.


  • Business Analysts: Different Types in the Team

    22 August 2014
    By Ekaterina Shalapanova, Project Manager and Maxim Matsiyevskyi, Business Analyst

    Today we will talk about analyst teams for IT projects.

    Who do we need to play this specific role? What particular skills and responsibilities an analyst should have to be efficient and cost effective? We will cover several aspects in this small blog entry; mostly, we address the needs of mid-sized or large project.


  • DataArt’s iOS 8 Beta Response

    18 August 2014
    By Anton Garkusha, Senior Software Developer/Software Architect, Yaroslav Vorontsov, Senior Software Engineer and Alexander Sharov, Senior Software Developer/Software Architect

    Apple’s iOS8 beta release was highly anticipated all over the world for obvious reasons. DataArt iOS developers decided to share their opinion about the platform, just the way they did after the release of iOS7.


  • DevOps Tools by Microsoft

    18 July 2014
    By Alexander Popov, .Net developer


    Nowdays, the DevOps methodology is gaining popularity in the software development community.
    In this article I will describe the basic DevOps approaches and talk about the DevOps tools from Microsoft which can help to implement these approaches in the .Net world.


  • Using Branding in SharePoint to Improve User Adoption

    17 July 2014
    By Anna Kolot, SharePoint Developer

    SharePoint-based corporate portal

    A SharePoint intranet portal is a way to centralize access to enterprise information and applications on a corporate network. This tool helps a company manage its data, applications and information more easily. It is primarily designed to be an indispensable tool for your work, a single point of access to corporate documents.


  • Alexander Shchedrin

    Alex Shchedrin, DataArt’s Engagement Manager, recently earned the Certified Hospitality Technology Professional (CHTP) designation.
    The CHTP certification program was jointly developed by the American Hotel and Lodging Association and Hospitality Financial Technology Professionals as a symbol of competency in hospitality information technology. The CHTP exam was first given in 1994 at HITEC in Dallas, Texas. Since then, more than 250 professionals have earned the CHTP designation around the world.


  • A Digital Pen In The IoT System With The DeviceHive Platform

    02 July 2014
    By Oleg Kruk, Embedded Research Lab Leader

    Business professionals and consumers are discovering the benefits of wireless digital pens. By writing on special digital paper or directly on select computer screens, digital pen users can convert their sketches, diagrams, and any other type of handwritten communication into electronic files instantaneously. These files can integrate across devices and applications. Users can synchronize their notes with electronic calendars, provide their electronic signatures on contracts in Adobe PDF format, and create visual overlays onto web content. They can also convert handwritten notes into text, allowing mobile users to create and share “mobile notes”. The technology decreases paper usage and the need for manual electronic conversion tasks, and adds some interesting new capabilities for electronic communication.


  • How To: Integrate Your Heart Rate App With HealthKit API

    26 June 2014
    By Anton Rudnev, Mobile Developer

    At the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference earlier this month Apple introduced an app simply called “Health”that promises to become an all-embracing hub for healthcare and fitness applications and wearable devices. It will allow you to store all of your health data and vital signs in one place including your heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, sleep patterns, consumed and burnt calories and more. It will also give you control over all of your health apps through one interface.