• Introduction

    Sometimes during performance testing we have to deal with high-powered systems. Such systems can painlessly handle massive amounts of requests creating an extra headache: how can you emulate such a huge load yourself, without access to the full production side hardware capabilities? Another situation occurs when the system to be tested has multiple servers where the behavior is controlled by forces on the client’s side, and therefore we have to handle a geo-distributed load.

    I think every performance engineer has faced the aforementioned issues at least once in his experience. The solution is to use distributed agents to emulate the load. Almost all commercial and free software provide abilities for the utilization of external agents which work simultaneously, increasing the amount of the overall load. In this article, I would like to talk about the ways to make the most popular free performance tool emulate the load from different agents. More specifically, I will talk about JMeter and its performance load agents.


  • …individuals and interactions over process and tools…

    Agile Manifesto

    Do software developers really need Agile management tools to produce quality products which satisfy clients’ requirements

    To an outside observer, the development process may seem rather simple; teams receive requirements and funding and then release a working application.


  • DataArt IoT team has prepared the 1.3.1 version of DeviceHive, its IoT/M2M framework. The new release is now available for a download.

    We’ve added some new features, like the ability to login to a DeviceHive playground via OAuth from Facebook, Google+ or Github accounts. Our team did this by introducing a new authentication endpoint in the REST API, which allows clients to exchange the OAuth authorization code for a DeviceHive access key. As a result, the Admin Console now includes colorful “Sign-in with …” buttons.

    You can find more information about 1.3.1 release at the DeviceHive page.

  • DataArt at ePharma Summit

    05 February 2015
    By Valentina Lakhina, Healthcare Solutions Specialist

    ePharma Summit 2015 is just around the corner and DataArt is here to help you enhance sales and marketing in life science industry.

    What if there was a solution that saved the doctor time when he or she prescribed your products? One of sales reps biggest problems is the limited amount of time doctors have to spend with them. Stop by the DataArt book at ePharma and learn new ways to leverage mobile technology to fuel sales and marketing.

  • We are happy to announce, that DataArt got third place in the Internet of Things competition at NYC IoT Fair this December.

    The first New York IoT Fair had about 500 attendees and 23 companies, who demoed IoT ideas bridging devices, cloud, and data. The DataArt team showcased real-time analytics and data monitoring – how wireless Sensor Tags can be easily integrated with wot.io data services using the DeviceHive platform, Elasticsearch, and data from the Intel Edison platform. The attendees were allowed to try the TI SensorTag, sending tweets and receiving graphs back.

  • Mobile Applications and PA-DSS

    10 December 2014
    By Roman Denisenko, Senior QA

    I often receive questions that start with “I’ve got a great mobile application and I am going to add the ability to make payments. But I am a bit worried because of the PCI PA-DSS standard.”

    The situation is so typical that I’ve finally decided to write an article dedicated to PCI PA-DSS and what to do about it.

    To start with, let`s refresh our knowledge about the PCI PA-DSS standard and maybe even learn something new.

    As you remember, the PCI PA-DSS standard is mostly known for enhancing the security of payment applications. Overall, every application that works within the PCI DSS-compliance infrastructure should be PCI PA-DSS compliant.

    Let`s drill down into the requirements.


  • DataArt & wot.io at NYC IoT Fair @ Google HQ, December 8

    05 December 2014
    By Artyom Astafurov, M2M/IoT Practice Leader

    We are glad to announce that wot.io & DataArt will be showcasing IoT wireless sensor integration and real-time event processing during NYC IoT Fair @ Google HQ, December 8 from 6pm to 8pm. We’ll be happy to show how wireless Sensor Tags can be easily integrated with wot.io data services using the DeviceHive platform. Play with TI SensorTag, send some tweets, and see some graphs! Come visit us at our demo display!

    See you at the IoT Fair!

  • The DataArt IoT / M2M practice is happy to finally present the new release version of the open source IoT / M2M communication platform DeviceHive 1.3.0. The framework was developed to allow users to concentrate more power in innovation & focus on how the machines & gadgets will communicate, instead of the type of data they transmit and what the overall end-user experience could be. This fall the new big things with extended security support and scalability are coming.


  • DataArt at mHealth Summit 2014

    25 November 2014
    By Valentina Lakhina, Healthcare Solutions Specialist

    DataArt’s Healthcare Practice invites you to meet with us at mHealth Summit in Washington, DC December 8-10 – the perfect place to explore the limits of mobile and non-mobile health innovations.

    At our exhibition booth #819, DataArt will showcase its mobile expertise and ability to connect smart devices, provide food for thought and share industry insights.

    Join us at mHealth Summit and check out what new is coming in mobile healthcare.

  • ITIL for Developers

    08 November 2014
    By Sergey Sapegin, Developer

    Where does software go?

    While fixing bugs and adding new features to get a program ready for release, we don’t usually think about where it all goes. For us, software is just a patient on the desktop who needs to be dissected, completed, changed, cured and got working.